Dr. Mohamed   Abdelrohman AL-Nasser





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My research work usually deals with the study of nuclear structures through the employment of nuclear scattering . That is  through the scattering of  high energy beam of particles (Polarized or un-polarized) from nuclear targets (Polarized or un-polarized) .The study result in the following number of publications.


from  1971  to 1980  I have eight publications.


           M. A. Nasser, M.M. Gazzaly, J V. Geaga , B. Hoistad, G Igo ,J. B. McClelland ,A. L.Sagle ,H. Spinka , J. B. Carroll ,  V. Perez-Mendez ,and E.T. Wipple.  elatic scattering at 5.75 GeV/c.

  Physics Rev. , C. V17, N5 (1978) 1748..

From  1981 to 1990 I have two  publications.


 L. Sanati , M. Barlett, O. Ciskowski, Garfenin, M. gazzaly, G. Hoffmann , K. Jones ,M. A. Nasser, G. Paullettta , C. Smith , N. Tanaka , R. Whitney.

Evidence for narrow structure in the analyzing power of the reaction.

 Physics Rev. , C. V38, N5 (1988) 2466.


From  1991 to 2000 I have two  publications.


       Measurements of Spin observables for  

        elatic scattering at 800 MeV.

        M. Geso , D. Adam, J. Bysterisky, G. Igo, A. Ling, and C. Witten

 Department of Physics ,University of California at Los Angles, cal,90024.

            M. A. Nasser

 Department of Physics , K. F. University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM),Dhahran,31261,Saudi Arabia

        L . C. Smith ,and R. W. Witney.

 Department of Physics ,University of Virginia, McCormick Road, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22901.

Physics Rev. , C. V58, N6 (Dec-1998) 3742.