City and Regional Planning (CRP)



Course offering in City and Regional Planning

CRP 502 Planning Legislation (3-0-3)

An overview of planning legislation and a short history of planning process in Saudi Arabia.  Methods, techniques and instruments for implementing plans through decrees and administrative acts, the basis for urban and regional planning and its relation to Shariah Law as well as the structure and organization of Saudi public planning administration.  Discussion of zoning procedures, subdivision review practices and budget preparation and execution. 


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CRP 503 Urban and Regional Landuse (3-0-3)

History and definition of landuse planning.  The concept of policy, programming and planning. Determinants and systems guiding landuse development. Socio-economic development and Landuse.  Space requirements, Spatial distribution and localization concepts.  Landuse planning models.  Procedures for formal landuse plans.


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CRP 504 Urban Economics (3-0-3)

Issues of distribution of population and economic activities in urban areas.  Microeconomic principles to understand the economic nature of the urban system.  The economic aspects and models of urban growth and city size, land-use pattern, housing, transportation, environmental problems, unemployment, and public policy are discussed.


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CRP 506 Urban Planning Methods (3-0-3)

Context and role of data and analysis in city and regional planning.  The first part will deal with design of surveys including questionnaire planning and construction, data collection and data processing.  The second part will cover a range of methods and techniques used in planning such as forecasting techniques, decision models, programs evaluation and selections, program scheduling, etc.


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CRP 599 Seminar  (1-0-0)

Graduate student working towards his MCP degree is required to take this course at least once during his degree program and contribute to the general area of his Final Planning Project research. Grades are Pass or Fail.


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CRP 601 Final Planning Project  (1-12-6)

The student has to utilize his knowledge and skills developed during his graduate studies in dealing with a complete city and regional planning problem under the supervision of a CRP graduate faculty member.  The student is expected to deal with the selected topic in his selected concentration area.  The Final Planning Project report will be presented and evaluated by a faculty committee representing the student's area of concentration.

Prerequisite:  All required courses and at least four elective courses.


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          Accounting ( Acct )

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        Economics  ( ECON)


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College of Sciences  (CS)

          Chemistry  (CHEM)

         Earth Sciences  (ES)



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