Architectural Engineering (ARE)



Course offering in the second semester 072 ( february 2008 ) :




ARE    202   Architectural Design I: (0-9-3)                                                                                       

This course introduces the design process in the form of phases, activities, and parties involved. Topics covered include: Description of each phase, activities and objectives; models for problem-solving process in design utilizing graphic thinking. Problem definition, developments of alternatives, evaluation, selection of solution and communication of a design project are introduced, explored and exercised through both abstract sketches and definitive concrete designs to solve simple design problems. Design problems of complete but simple buildings are introduced. Considerations of building function, construction materials and systems, cultural, environmental constraints, and climatic influences are emphasized. Individual design thinking is encouraged throughout the studio work.

Prerequisite: ARE 201


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ARE    212   Construction Systems: (3-0-3)                                                                               

Construction systems including foundation, superstructure, enclosure (walls and roofs), interior finishes, partitions, and ceilings. Construction and detailing of site-built and prefabricated systems. Selection methods and criteria for appropriate design as a function of climate and energy use, labor and material availability, maintenance and replacement patterns, safety, functionality, and cultural context. Course material comprehension is ensured through submission of sketches, to-scale detail drawings and model-development of the introduced systems.

Prerequisite: ARE 211


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ARE    221   Computer Applications in Building Design: (2-3-3)                                                  

Introduction to personal computing, computer components and their functions, operating systems such as DOS, Windows, MAC platforms, hard disk management. Computer facilities at KFUPM. Introduction to general computer applications in architectural offices such as, spreadsheets and Database. Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting and Design which includes: 2D drawings, 3D modeling, rendering, and Image processing. Major CAD drafting, and presentation packages will be used for the production, management, and presentation of project information.

Prerequisite: None


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ARE    301   Architectural Design II: (0-9-3)                                                                                    

This course is a continuation of a two-semester sequence of design studios. Introduction and appreciation of the design process through dealing with more complex buildings and lager project sites. The concept of building design as a multi-disciplinary approach is introduced. Integration of structural, mechanical and environmental control systems with the building function, form and spacesí organization is emphasized. Basic elements of architectural form and space and how they can be manipulated, organized in the development of a design concept and their visual implications are explored.

Prerequisite: ARE 202


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ARE    325   Building Illumination: (1-3-2)                                                                                          

Concept of light, vision, and color. Luminaries and lamps. Lighting system design procedures; calculation and measurement techniques, evaluation of interior lighting quality, and daylighting. Computer applications in artificial and daylighting analysis and design.

Prerequisite: PHYS 102 or PHYS 132


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ARE    328   Architectural Acoustics and Illumination: (3-0-3)                                                       

Introduction to basic phenomena, and  concepts of Architectural lighting and acoustics. Electrical light sources, lighting system, and design methods, quantity and quality of illumination. Daylighting, lighting measurements, instruments and methods. Acoustical properties of materials and constructions. Room acoustics and noise control. Measuring method and equipment.  Acoustic design of auditoria. Impact of acoustical and lighting system on Architectural design. Computer applications.

Prerequisite: PHYS 133  (not available for ARE students)


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ARE    342   Principles of Heating, Ventilating, and Air-conditioning: (2-0-2)                                  

Fundamental principles and engineering procedures for the design of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems; HVAC system characteristics; system and equipment selection; duct design and layout. Energy conservation techniques. Computer applications.

Prerequisite: ARE 322


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ARE    413   Construction Management: (3-0-3)                                                                        

A survey of Construction Management: Basic concepts, preparing the bid package, issues during construction phase, construction contracts, legal structure, time planning/control. Project cash flow; project funding, equipment ownership, equipment productivity, construction operations, construction labor, materials management and safety. Types of specifications, technical division, changes, bonds, liens, general conditions, special conditions and contract documents.

Prerequisite: Senior Standing


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ARE    431   Building Economy: (3-0-3)                                                                       

Basic concepts of building economics: initial cost, life cost in use, cost and benefit ratio analysis, and control of cost and depreciation. Cost estimating, including determination of materials, labor, equipment, overhead, profit, and other construction costs.

Prerequisite: Senior Standing or Consent of Instructor



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ARE    446   PLNG & DESIGN STRUCT SYST  :  (3-0-3)





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Other Courses Offering in The Second Semester 072 ( February 2008 ) :

College of Environmental Design  (CED)

        Architecture (ARC)

        City & Regional Planning (CRP)

        Construction Engineering & Management (CEM)

         Architectural Engineering (ARE)



College of Engineering Sciences  (CES):

         Petroleum Engineering (PETE)

         Chemical Engineering (CHE)

         Mechanical Engineering (ME)

         Electrical Engineering    (EE)

         Civil Engineering (CE)


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College of Computer Sciences & Engineering  (CCSE):

         Computer Engineering  (COE)

         Systems Engineering   (SE)

           Information and Computer Science (ICS)



College of Industrial Management  (CIM)


         Management Information System ( MIS )

          Marketing  ( MKT )

          Accounting ( Acct )

         Finance (FIN)

         Management ( MGT )

        Economics  ( ECON)


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College of Sciences  (CS)

          Chemistry  (CHEM)

         Earth Sciences  (ES)



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