Architecture (ARC)



Advanced Courses offering in  Architecture (ARC):



ARC-305 Design Studio-V: Virtual Design Studio                   (0-12-6)

 The building types explored in this studio have greater complexity of function. In addition, emphasis is placed on building envelope in terms of form, massing, articulation and fenestration. Use of computer-aided design is a part of the design exploration.


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ARC-314 Theory of Architecture-II                (2-0-2)

 The course outlines the theoretical foundations of 20th Century trends in architecture, in the light of worldwide historical developments and their social and technological influences. The focus of the course is on the Modern Movement and recent developments leading to the Post-Modern aspects of architectural aesthetics.


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ARC-342 Computer Presentation Techniques                     (2-0-2)

Expanding the use of mixed media into the translation of ideas, this course brings practical presentation principles, layout and comprehensive media techniques to the field of graphic design. Computer software, using industry standard illustration, paint, and page layout, new technologies and traditional composition are addressed.


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ARC-353 Housing Policy and Design            (2-0-2)

This course provides an introduction to housing theory, socio-economic aspects related to housing, alternative approaches to housing policy and housing problems in developing countries, with particular attention to traditional housing settlements in Saudi Arabia. Exploration of current issues in the formulation and implementation of housing programs is carried out. This covers an analysis of Housing Design, classification of housing types, data gathering on housing, neighborhood theory as a housing concept, design procedure of a housing community, structure of housing areas as a criteria for the design of housing, construction technologies, materials, costs, climatic conditions and code issues.       


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ARC-371 Introduction to Interior Architecture          (2-0-2)

This course is an introduction to concepts of interior space, color and material selection, contract interiors and space planning methods. Course content covers discussion of marketing interior design services and methods. Sociological and psychological aspects of interior architecture are also presented.


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ARC-373 Commercial Interiors             (1-3-2)

This course addresses commercial and institutional interiors. Space planning methodologies, life cycle costing, modular office systems and materials selection are discussed. Office comfort, artificial illumination and day lighting are also considered.


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ARC-408 Senior Project           (0-14-7)

This studio begins with a presentation of the ARC-400 program document with clear indication of the intent and direction of emphasis. Having been reviewed and approved by a senior project committee, This project design is undertaken to its completion. The project must exhibit a comprehensive mastery of architectural design, reflecting the knowledge and skills acquired during four years of study in architecture.


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ARC-426 Professional Practice              (3-0-3)

The course introduces knowledge required for a success career in architectural practice or employment. The course is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the training and role in society of architects. This covers academic and professional training; career choices, lives as professionals and professional ethics. The second part discusses the organization and management of architectural firms and covers firm formation and organization, marketing of services, management and dynamics. The last part deals with Project administration. It covers project conception and acquisition; project management; design services, parameters and documentation; and contract administration. The course highlights practices in Saudi Arabia and compares them with international practices.


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ARC-442 Knowledge-Based Systems in Architecture          (2-0-2)

This course presents an overview of the knowledge-Based Systems and their application in the field of architecture and environmental design. Fundamental concepts, as well as types of knowledge-Based systems are discussed. Case studies in the architectural application of these systems, issues of linking these systems to other information technologies such as CADD, Multimedia, Hypermedia and ontologies, are undertaken.


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ARC-483 Architectural Conservation and Preservation          (2-0-2)

This course is an introduction to construction principles and materials employed in Saudi Architecture. Observation and examination of existing architectural examples in the form of their physical, historical, and cultural context, and their anatomy, both physical and conceptual make up the majority of the study. Development of skills in architectural design principles required for the conservation and preservation of "what is there" in architecture is also important.


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All Architecture (ARC) Courses   (Undergraduate Program )




Other Courses Offering in  :

College of Environmental Design  (CED)

        Architecture (ARC)

        City & Regional Planning (CRP)

        Construction Engineering & Management (CEM)

         Architectural Engineering (ARE)



College of Engineering Sciences  (CES):

         Petroleum Engineering (PETE)

         Chemical Engineering (CHE)

         Mechanical Engineering (ME)

         Electrical Engineering    (EE)

         Civil Engineering (CE)


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College of Computer Sciences & Engineering  (CCSE):

         Computer Engineering  (COE)

         Systems Engineering   (SE)

           Information and Computer Science (ICS)



College of Industrial Management  (CIM)


         Management Information System ( MIS )

          Marketing  ( MKT )

          Accounting ( Acct )

         Finance (FIN)

         Management ( MGT )

        Economics  ( ECON)


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College of Sciences  (CS)

          Chemistry  (CHEM)

         Earth Sciences  (ES)



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