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Administrative Achievements

ABET First Evaluation

Led the Mechanical Engineering Department through evaluation visit of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in 1993. The success of the visit was noted by granting the ME program the “Substantial Equivalency” status which represents the ultimate recognition ABET can grant to a foreign engineering program outside the U. S. A. My role was very instrumental in the preparation for the visit. I chaired the Department ABET Coordinating Committee meetings, to insure a high quality turn out. The Department received highly commending remarks from the visiting team. The following is quoted from the ABET Final Report:

“ The department was well prepared for the visit, with appropriate materials collected for all areas. Further, the Department Coordinating Committee exhibited a very good understanding of the accreditation process and deserve a great deal of credit for such outstanding preparation”.

The ABET team appreciated the administration of the Mechanical Engineering Department. The following is quoted from the ABET Final Report:

“ The administrative structure of the department appears to work well, with strong leadership”.

Programs Revision

As a chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department, I played a leading role in the revision process of the ME Science and Applied programs in the undergraduate level. The process of revision started 1995 and resulted with new versions with more efficient characteristics. The revised programs were implemented in 1997, and will be used as the basis for the next ABET visit which is to take place in 2001.

Research Groups

As chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department, I introduced research groups in the Department. The research groups are:
  • Thermal Science;
  • Dynamics and Control;
  • Materials and Manufacturing;
  • Aeronautical.
  • These areas of research became officially recognized as area options under the revised programs, implemented in 1997.

Students Enrolment

During my tenure as chairman of mechanical engineering, the Department maintained the largest department on campus. The number doubled and peaked at one point to about 1400 students. I feel that I played a role in that.

New Programs

During my tenure as Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Department, a new program in Aerospace was developed and implemented. I played a major role in insuring that the program is of a high quality. I made sure that the program was subjected to the highest standard measures and reviewed by leading international specialists in US universities.

ABET Second Evaluation

I led the University efforts to have all engineering programs re-evaluated by ABET in 2001. I chaired the University ABET Coordination Committee. I closely supervised preparation of materials. Sixteen engineering programs were evaluated in April, 2001. The preparation for the ABET visit was so successful to the extent that the Chairman of the visiting team noted in the Exit Interview Meeting “ I might say to collegues in United States who ask me about preparing for an ABET visit there that they could not do any better than to come to Saudi Arabia and consult with King Fahd University to find out how preparation for an ABET visit should be conducted”.

New Multi-Disciplines

We in the College of Engineering Sciences are setting our goals in line with our tradition of high standards. Success in the future may be measured in view of our ability to develop competitive programs in the emerging fields of engineering. As much there is a need for establishing these disciplines, challenges will always be in linking them to the traditional disciplines. We can no longer think of each field of engineering strictly in isolation, rather, integration is evolving as a norm. As Dean of the College of Engineering Sciences, I have taken one forward step in raising awareness of this important aspect. I have formed a college group to introduce Mechatronics in the College, in which, disciplines of mechanics, electronics, and control are integrated. The need for such area is becoming more prominently recognized since it covers wide range of engineering applications.

The objectives of the group are to:

  • promote Mechatronics as a newly emerging technology in multidisciplinary engineering applications;
  • establish expertise in Mechatronics at college and university levels through collaboration of different departments;
  • initiate and carry out R&D projects of Mechatronics systems with potential industrial applications;
    establish an endowment chair in Mechatronics;
  • introduce Mechatronics in the undergraduate and graduate curricula.


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