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  • Worked as a consultant to Saudi Arabian Airlines between 1995-1996 as a member of the Scientific Committee for preparation of the International Airline Industrial Conference that took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1996.
  • Worked as a Consultant to the Military Factories in Al-Kharj in 1983-1984. The work involved planning and design of a Research Complex.
  • Worked as a consultant to the Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company (SCECO) as part of a project on High Voltage Insulators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  Research Projects

Review and Evaluation of the Maintenance Management System for the Royal Saudi Air Force , Pr. No. 26027, Research Institute, KFUPM, 1990-1992. (CO-INVESTIGATOR). The project was sponsored by The Royal Saudi Air Force.

A Maintenance Strategy for Heat Transfer Equipment Subject to Fouling , Pr. No. ME/FOULING/176, Research Committee, KFUPM, 1995-1998. (CO-INVESTIGATOR). The project was sponsored by KFUPM.

Three-Dimensional Laser Induced Heating Including Impinging Gas Jet Effects , Pr. No. ME/GAS JET/196, Research Committee, KFUPM, 1999-2002. (CO-INVESTIGATOR). The project is sponsored by KFUPM.

A Comprehensive National Training Plan for Saudi Arabia , Pr. No. , Research Institute, KFUPM, 1998-2000. (CO-INVESTIGATOR). The project was supported by KFUPM.

Crack Initiation and Growth in CPVC Weld Zone , Pr. No. 20015, Research Institute, KFUPM, 1998-2000. (Project Manager). The project was sponsored by ARAMCO.

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