Developed and taught many undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of mechanical engineering including, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Compressible Fluid Flow, Pumping Machinery, Advanced Fluid Mechanics I, Advanced Fluid Mechanics II and Convective Heat Transfer. Developed the Thermofluid Lab Manual and initiated and supervised many senior projects for M.E. stuĀ¬dents and served as chairman of the examination board of ME seĀ¬nior projects for several years. Also supervised many AME students during their Coop Program.


Undergraduate / Graduate CoursesTaught at KFUPM.


ME 201 Dynamics ME 203 Thermodynamics
ME 311 Fluid Mechanics  ME 411 ME Senior Project I 
ME 412 ME Senior Project II  ME 425 Compressible Fluid Flow 
ME 438 Pumping Machinery  ME 532 Advanced Fluid Mechanics I 
ME 536 Convective Heat Transfer  ME 555 Advanced Fluid Mechanics II 

Short Courses

  • Offered several short courses to practicing engineers in the areas of pumping machinery, piping systems and fluid power systems





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