Research and Consulting Work of

Dr. Khattab G. Al-Hinai

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  1. Landsat Image Analysis of Saudi Aramco (Client), by the Remote Sensing Center, KFUPM/RI. Project No. 23075, Project Manager.
  2. Consulting Services rendered by the Remote Sensing Center, KFUPM/RI. Project No. 23071, Project Manager. 
  3. Evaluation of sand hazards along the proposed Salwah-Shaybah Road using Remote Sensing Data, KFUPM/RI, Project No. 23067 (1992), Project Manager. 
  4. Evaluation of construction Mterial Sources Along the Proposed Shaybah Road, 12 p., Project No. 23071 (1992), Project Manager. 
  5. Landsat Images of the area between Ras‑al‑Zawr and Abu Ali Island, K‑FUPAIIRI SQ. No. 3041 (l 99 1), Project Manager. 
  6. Monitoring of 1991 Gu~f Oil Spill and Kuwait Oil Fires ftom NOAA A VHRR and Landsat Data, KFUPM/RI Project No. 24138 (1991). 
  7. Testing Sand Control Measures with Minimal Environmental Impacts,. Saudi ARAMCO (Client), Project No. 23073 (Continuing).
  8. Sand Stablization Study at Shaybah Field. Saudi ARAMCO (Client), Project No. 23076 .
  9. Evaluation of sand control along the Dhahran‑Abqaiq Highway. Final Report submitted to the Ministry of Communications. KFUPMIRI, Project No. 23002 (1983).
  10. Sand control in the Eastern Province, Phase l and Phase II. Final Report. KFUPM/RI Project No. 23001, 23031 (1982).
  11. Geologic and Hydrogeologic Studies of Saudi Arabia under the Shuttle Imaging Radar (SIR‑C/X­SAR) Science Plan, KFUPM/RI Project No. 10002 ,Co‑Principal Investigator
  12. Satellite Evaluation of Saudi Arabia Geology and Minerals Using Japan Earth Resources Satellite (JERS‑1) System ,co‑principal investigator.
  13. Study of Karst Phenomenon of the Arabian Platform and their influence on underground aquifers, KFUPM/RI, Project No. 13045 (1992).