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[13] Yasser El-Eryani, “Buffer-Aided Relaying in MIMO Cognitive Radio”, MS Thesis, KFUPM, expected to graduate May 2015.


[12] Ahmed H. Abd El-Malek, “Design and Optimization of Wireless Relay Networks in Spectrum Sharing Environments”, PhD Dissertation, KFUPM, expected to graduate, December 2015.


[11] Yousef N. Shnaiwer, “GPS-Assisted Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks”, MS Thesis, KFUPM, May 2014.


[10] Mohammad H. Amro, “Ray-Tracing Wireless Channels Modeling And Verification Using Coordinated Multi-Point Systems,” MS Thesis, Jointly supervised with Dr. Adnan Landulsi, KFUPM, December 2013.


[9] Anas M. Salhab, “Performance of Dual-Hop Relay Networks with Co-Channel Interference and Multipath Fading,” PhD Dissertation, KFUPM, February 2013.


[8] Suhaib Al-Baseet, “Cooperative Uplink Transmission Schemes for Wireless MIMO Systems,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, May 2012.


[7] Mohammad Omer Bin Saeed, “Distributed Estimation Over Adaptive Networks,” PhD Dissertation, Jointly supervised with Prof. Azzedine Zerguine, KFUPM, June 2011.


[6] Farooq Sultan, “Custom Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Node, Energy-Efficient MAC and Routing Protocols,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, January 2011.


[5] Ahmad Salim, “Performance of Layer Steered Space-Time  Codes in Wireless Systems,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, January 2010.


[4] Mohammad Abdellatif, “Performance of Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks in Wireless Environments,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, January 2009.


[3] Motasim Hassan, “Performance of Coded OFDM Systems Over Wireless Channels,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, May 2008.


[2] Falah Al-Zawahema, “LDBC-Coded Cooperative Communications Based on Joint Signal Superposition and Iterative Decoding,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, May 2008.


[1] Shaikh Faisal Zaheer, “Improved Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes with Applications to Wireless Channels,” MS Thesis, KFUPM, May 2006.




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