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  • "Outage Probability of Wireless Networks with Directional Antennas," 1st Communications and IT Research Open Day (CITROD-08), KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, March 2008. [download pdf]

  • “International Cooperation at KFUPM – Experience and Lessons,” Saudi Universities International Cooperation Management Meeting, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, January 2008. [download pdf]

  • “An Overview on Broadband Wireless Access Technologies,” Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 2007. [download pdf]

  • “Error Probability of Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation (BICM) in Wireless Environments,” EE Department Seminar, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, November 2006.  [download pdf]

  • “Wireless Broadband Networks, WiMAX: A Contrast and a Complement to WiFi,” e-CETEM-05, ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia, (jointly with Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri), September, 2005. [download pdf]

  • “Coded Cooperation in Wireless Networks,” EE Department Seminar, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, November 2004.  [download pdf]

  • “Diversity and Channel Estimation in Wireless Systems,” Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, UMIST, Manchester, UK, August 2004. [download pdf]

  • “The Next Generation Wireless Local Area Networks: IEEE 802.11n Standard,” Riyadh Int’l Telecommunications Conference, March 2004. [download pdf]

  • “On Diversity-Channel Estimation Tradeoff in Wireless Environments,” EE Department Seminar, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, March 2004. [download pdf]




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