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My research interests lie in the general field of wireless communications and networks. This includes cooperative diversity, cognitive radio, MIMO systems, multiuser diversity, error control coding, coded modulation, adaptive modulation, iterative receivers, channel estimation, OFDMA, spread spectrum techniques and interference modeling and analysis of wireless networks. I have strong interest in the design of communications networks under practical assumptions.


Examples include the design and analysis of relay cooperative networks, cognitive radio networks and coded communication systems for fading channels, the tradeoff between diversity and channel estimation in practical communication systems, coded bit-interleaved modulation and coded OFDM systems with finite interleaver sizes, diversity schemes with channel estimation errors, directional antennas under interference conditions, layered steered space-time coded systems, wireless sensor network prototyping with energy-efficient medium-access protocols, the design and analysis of low-complexity distributed estimation schemes, as long as dual-hop wireless networks in interference and fading channels.



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