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                                                                     DR. ZAKARIYA AL-HAMOUZ


Thesis Supervision



3.1  Ph. D. thesis supervision


1.      Luqman Marraba, “Heuristic incipient fault monitoring and diagnostic platform for line start permanent magnet synchronous motors”, In progress, (Advisor).

2.      Modeling and Control of Hybrid AC/VSC-HVDC System with Fault Current Limiters”, Shafiul Alam M., In progress, (Co-Advisor).

3.      AbdulAziz Al-Nuaim, “An Adaptive Microgrid Protection System Design and Implementation”, In progress, (Co-Advisor).

4.      Ibrahim Y. Al-Hamoudi, “Performance of silicone rubber insulators in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia,” Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, American University in London, Completed, June 2003. (Local Advisor).


3.2   M. Sc. thesis supervision 


1.      Khaled I. Baradieh, “A Linear Algebraic Based Diagnosis Method for broken Rotor Bars of Line Start permanent Magnet Motors”, Advisor (Will defend on Jan 3, 2017)

2.      Ibrahem M. Hussein, A Novel Method for Detecting Eccentricity in Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors”, Advisor (Will defend on Jan 1, 2017).

3.      Mutaz Jawadeh, “A Novel Signal Processing-Based Approach for Accurate and Fast Islanding Detection”, Advisor (Will defend on Dec 29, 2016).

4.     Malek Habli, " Optimal Design of a Distribution Transformer Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques", Advisor (Will defend on Dec 22, 2016).

4.      Taiser Toffaha, “Investigation of Various Types of HV Insulators Performance under DC Voltage”, Completed, December  2015. (Advisor).

5.      Abdulrahman AlDeek, “Evaluating market-based investment in EV aggregators and energy storage”, Completed, May 2015. (Co-Advisor)

6.      Luqman Marraba, “Image processing based contamination level monitoring of high voltage insulators”, Completed, November 2013. (Advisor).

7.       Mohammed Bin Thabit,“ Nonlinear model predictive control of multimachine power system”, Completed, December 2013. (Co-Advisor

8.      Saleh Abu Hanieh, “Electric field optimization in SF6 circuit breakers”, Completed, May 2012. (Advisor).

9.      Yahya Asirsi, “Neural network based detection of partial discharge in HV motors,” M. Sc. Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Completed, June 2010- (Advisor)

10.   Muhammad Yousuf, " Non linear predictive control using particle swarm optimization-Application to power systems", M. Sc. Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Completed- June 2009- (Co-Advisor)

11.   Naji Al-Musabi, “optimal variable structure controllers: Applications to power system Dynamics,” M. Sc. Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Completed, June 2004. (Advisor)

12.   Mohammed Abu Sada, “Cost effective design of conventional type distribution transformers using optimization techniques,” M. Sc. Thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Completed, June 2004. (Advisor)




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