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Completed and In Progress


1.              Al-Hamouz Z., "Finite Element Computation of Corona Power Loss on Bundled Bipolar Transmission Lines," KFUPM Project # FT-2000-19, KFUPM, (SR 43,200)

2.              N. AbuZaid, A Bukhari, and Al-Hamouz Z., " Management of Ash Waste Generated at Rabigh Power Plant", RI Project # PN-CEW 2229, KFUPM, (SR 300,500)

3.              M Ahmad, Al-Hamouz Z., M Ohali, M. Garwan, " Study of Water Trees in Underground High Voltage Cables using Nuclear Microscopy," KACST Project # 18-31, (SR 650,000).

4.              Al-Hamouz Z., H. Al-Duwaish, I. El-Amin, and A. Mantawy, " Optimal Transmission System Planning," KACST Project # 19-12, (SR 290,000).

5.              A. Shash, I. Habiallah, and Al-Hamouz Z., " Feasibility Study for Establishing a National Electrical Testing Laboratory, Consortium of  Companies," RI Project # CER-2276, KFUPM, (SR 550,000)

6.              I. Habiballah, Al-Hamouz Z. and K. Soufi, "Environmental Effects on Polymer Insulators Properties", Saudi Electricity Company –SEC, RI Project # CER-2254, KFUPM, (SR 1,750,000)

7.              I. M. El-Amin, A. H. Rahim, I. O. Habibullah, Al-Hamouz Z., M. A. Abido, and M. Kassas, "Development of Electricity Generation & Transmission Plans (EGTP)," Ministry of Water & Electricity # CER2307, Completed, 2010. (SR 7,000,173).

8.              Al-Hamouz Z., "Experimental and Numerical Study of Fly Ash Precipitation in A Proto-Type Model", Project # SB080019, KFUPM, Completed – August 2009. (SR 52,320).

9.              I. El-Amin, AH. AbudurRahim, I. Habiballah, M. Abido, Al-Hamouz Z., M. Kassas, B. Chokri, M. Shwehdi,  " Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) between renewable sources and the grid", Center of Excellence in Renewable Energy, KFUPM, Completed, November 2010. (SR 420, 000). 

10.          Al-Hamouz Z. and H. Al-Duwaish, "Partial Discharge Monitoring of Electric Motors," NSTP, September 2009 – Aug. 2011 (SR 664, 000).   

11.          Al-Hamouz Z. and H. Al-Duwaish, “On-Line Contamination Level Monitoring on High Voltage Insulators”, NSTP, March 2012 – Feb 2014 (SR 754,500).

In Progress

12.          Al-Hamouz Z. and Abido, M., “Heuristic incipient fault monitoring and diagnostic platform for line start permanent magnet synchronous motors”, NSTP, March 2015 – Feb 2017 (SR 1,060,500).

13.          Al-Awami A., and Al-Hamouz Z., “A Market-based Planning Tool for the Utilization of Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles in a Smart Energy Grid”, NSTP, September 2015 – August 2017 (SR 811,381).



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