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 Associate Professor



Short Courses


Main lecturer in the following short courses:


1.        High voltage phenomena on power (2006, 2 times)


2.        Power system distribution (2006)


3.        Practical selection of high voltage cable and insulators (2006)


4.        Lightning phenomena on power systems (2006)


5.        Utilities (Chemical Engg) (2005, 2006)


6.        Performance of Ceramic and Non-Ceramic High Voltage Insulators (2005).


7.        Power system protection (2003).


8.        Powr system operation and control (2002)


9.        High engineering phenomena on power systems (2003)


10.     Power system substations: Operation and Maintenance (1999).


11.     High voltage phenomena on power systems (1997).


12.     High voltage phenomena on power systems (1998).


13.     Power system electromagnetic fields (1996).




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