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Electrical Engineering Department

Associate Professor

Dr. Sharif Iqbal, Sheikh


Research Interests:

  • Modeling micro/millimeter wave passive devices using: Ansoft HFSS, ADS, COMSOL Multyphysics..

  • High Frequency Electronics;

  • Design microwave ferrite, semiconductor and chiral devices;

  • Finite element or Finite difference analysis of microwave devices.

  • MIMIC devices, substrate materials and thin films; 

  • Microwave measurements;

  • E-learning in Engineering Education.


Research Statement:


My research work includes rigorous and systematic theoretical investigation, simulated analysis using professional software’s and when possible experimental verification. At KFUPM, I continued my graduate research work on modeling gyrotropic material for millimeter-wave devices and theoretically demonstrated its tunable phase-shift properties. A publication related to this novel work was awarded the ‘Best Antenna Paper’ in “IEE International Conference on Antenna and Propagation (ICAP'01)”, April 2001. Next phase of my research emphasized on designing integrated planar gyroelectric phase shifters for microwave sensors. The need for conformal antennas in these sensors led to my work in the field of stacked-patch and switchable microstrip antennas. My goal is to extend this research work and design terahertz sensors that can drastically improve existing security scanners.


Visiting Research Positions:

  • During the summer term of 2000 (July-August), I was invited to work as a post graduate researcher in ‘University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UK’, on a joint project on, ‘Microwave Semiconductor Gyroelectric phase shifters’.


  • During the summer term of 2001 (June-August), I was  invited by Dr El-Badawy, an associate professor in the EE department of ‘Arizona State University (ASU), USA’, to work on a joint project on ‘Development of Gyrotropic Control Device’. Telecommunication Research Center of ASU partially funded the project.


  • During the summer term of 2003 (July-August), I was invited by Dr A. Gibson, a professor, EEE department, University of Manchester, UK  to work in a joint project on ‘Modeling Gyrotropic Millimeter wave Devices’.


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