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·       Ali Al-Shaikhi, “Fitting of Research to the Socio-Economic Context and Enhancing Students Motivation” Keynote Speech, SDD 2018, Tunisia.

·         Ali Al-Shaikhi, “Role and Responsibilities of New Faculty Members” Seminar, KFUPM, Oct 2016.

·         Attendee, discussion forum on academic leadership, May 2010

·         Present a seminar in EE department entitled ' Design of Expanded Constellations for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems,' October 21, 2008.

·         Alternative Symbol Representations with Radial Symmetry for PAPR reduction in OFDM Systems,' E&CE Dept., in Dalhousie University, Canada, Apr., 2005.

·         'Design and Analysis of Turbo Codes,' in Dalhousie University, E&CE Dept., in Dalhousie University, Canada, March, 2006.

·         'Erasure Rate Analysis in Binary Product codes,' E&CE Dept., in Dalhousie University, Canada,Apr., 2005.



·        Ali Al-Shaikhi, Ahmad Khyyat, and Ahmad Sorour “Designing for Student Engagement” Workshop, KFUPM August 2016.

·         Ali Al-Shaikhi, Ahmad Khyyat, and Ahmad Sorour “Designing for Student Engagement” Workshop, KFUPM August 2017.

·         Attendee, workshop one “Recruiting, Developing & Retaining a Faculty for the Twenty-First Century”, January 2011

·         Attendee, workshop one “Essential Academic Leader”, May, 2010

·         1-day workshop on volunteerism by Craig Kielburger, founder and chair of Free the Children, March 2010

·         1-day workshop on hands on experience on using LABVIEW for engineering, Jan 2010.

·         2-day workshop about EE department activities, 27 Sep. 2009.

·         2-day workshop with Dr. Paul Blackmore, the director of learning and teaching, King's College London. covering the following:

21st Century Curricula, 2. Link Research and Teaching, 3. Academic development: What Works? 4. Informal Learning, 5. Overview of Higher Education in UK, a case study.

·         3-day workshop entitled Program Continuous Quality Improvement, with Dr. Mahesh Aggarwal, Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department, Gannon University, Pennsylvania:

·         2-day workshop Online Course Content Authoring using E-learning suite (Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator)

·         Three 1-day workshops on Getting Started with Blackboard CE8, Workshop on centra, and Sharing experiences in using Web for teaching.



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