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Major Achievements as Chairman of EE department

I am listing below some of the major achievements during my term as the chairman of the EE department at  KFUPM.

·         Started a major collaboration with GIT in the field of seismic signal processing in 2012 until now. Founder and the director of the Center of Energy and Geo-Processing (CEGP) since 2013. The center is envisioned to enable KFUPM to be the hub of seismic signal processing. The outcomes of the center so far are: 33 journal publications, 86 conference papers, 20 joint seminars, 6 joint workshops, 7 research projects, and 4 educational projects.

·         Led EE department in the collaboration with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The collaboration resulted in over 60 scholarly outcomes including 14 journal papers, 18 conference papers, 2 patents, 7 prototypes, and 3 thesis supervision.

·         Established a link of EE department with Advanced Sensors and Electronic Defence (ASED) in the field of electronics and Radar.

·         Started links with related DTV companies such as Huawei, Rosen, etc.

·         Establishing/upgrading EE groups research labs space and equipment.

·         Established/upgraded special research lab such Telecommunication Research Lab (TRL), Antennas and Microwave Structure Design Laboratory (AMSDL), Printed Circuit Board (PCB), real time digital power system simulation (RTDS), and power electronics, power protection, renewable energy labs.

·         Led the department into approving our updated undergraduate curricula in 2011 after 7 years of being stagnated.

·         Updated our three graduate programs in 2016 where they were not updated for over 20 years.

·         Introduced two new master non-thesis-based programs in 2016 for the first time in the history of the department which are Master of Engineering in Sustainable Energy and Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering.

·         Led the department in getting continuous ABET accreditation in 2016 for six years.

·         Introduced three new important courses that are very different from regular courses in which that they are student centric courses.


·         Member, Board of Trustees, National Power Academy

·         Member, External Advisory Board, Electrical Engineering Department, Umm Al-Qura University, since 2010

·         Coordinator, Academic Leadership Center (ALC), Ministry of Education, since May 2010. Organizing Workshops for Academic Leaders,

·         Member, Committee for Setting Criteria for Choosing Experts in Engineering, Saudi Council of Engineers, September-December 2015

·         Member, Electricity Dispute Resolution Committee, ECRA, November 2015 – October 2018. Judging Dispute Cases Related to Electricity Industry

·         Member, Lighting Team, SASO, Feb-2017-Dec 2018. Setting, Approving and Translating International Light Codes and standards



·         Chairman, ABET steering committee, KFUPM, 2019

·         Chairman, executive committee of Senior Design projects (EXPO), KFUPM, 2019

·         Member, steering committee, collaboration of KFUPM and Saudi Aramco 2019

·         Member, Leadership Committee, collaboration of Saudi Aramco/power system and KFUPM/EE department, 2014-2017

·         Member, Executive committee, collaboration of Saudi Aramco/Power System and KFUPM/EE department, 2015-2017

·         Member, International advisory board, College of Engineering Sciences at KFUPM since 2016

·         Chairman/vice chairman industrial advisory board for Electrical Engineering Department at KFUPM since 2012

·         Vice chairman, Saudi Technical Exchange Meeting (STEM15), 2012

·         Chairman, organizing committee for Jubail University College delegate visit, January 2011.

·         Member, consultation committee for the activities of KFUPM endowment board, 2010-2011  

·         Supervisor, ALC web page, 2010-2015

·         Evaluator, e-Government project (Yesser) (two government agencies) June 2010, June 2011

·         Member, organization committee for the discussion forum on academic leadership, May 2010

·         Vice Leader, educational delegate visit to India, April 2010

·         Member, Innovations and Projects Judge Committee for the 7th cultural and scientific week for GCC universities, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, 2010

·         Member, special committee for Graduate Assistant Recruitment, 2009-2010

·         Evaluator, KFUPM Student Forum preparation for 1st Students Conference in Riyadh , 2010

·         Member, Technical Program Committee of 14th STEM, KFUPM, 2010

·         Guide, High School Students visiting Electrical Engineering Department, frequently

·         Member, Students Orientation and Activities Committee, 2009-2010

·         Member, Graduate Program Committee, EE department , 2008-2010

·         Member, Signal Processing Group, EE department, 2008-2010

·         Member, Technical Program Committee of 6th CNSR Conference, Canada, 2008

·         Advised successfully 3 master students and member of 16 other master student committees.


·         Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.  (IEEE)

·         Member of Saudi Council for Engineers (SCE)

·         Member of the Saudi Scientific Society for Electrical Engineers (SSEEE)

·         Member of IEEE Communication Society

·         Member of the International WHO'S WHO of Professionals

Scholarships and Awards

·         The faculty of graduate study (FGS) Scholarship at Dalhousie University

·         Bruce and Dorothy Rosetti Engineering Research Scholarship

·         Travel grant award of the 5th Annual Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research (CNSR), May 2007.

·         KFUPM scholarship award to pursue Ph.D. degree overseas.

·         10 Years’ Service Recognition, 2008, KFUPM

·         20 Years’ Service Recognition, 2017, KFUPM

·         2 patent Awards, 2018, KFUPM






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