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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Electrical Engineering Department

Chair Professor in Power Systems

Dr. Mohamed M. Mansour


Teaching Stuff

Semester 082:

EE 466 Power System Protection

EE 690 Advanced Electrical Projects


Semester 081:

    EE 466 Power System Protection
Before Joining   KFUPM:

I- Faculty member at Ain-Shams University and other Egyptian Institutes (Jan. 85 to 2008):

1- Power system Protection (Under Graduate & Post Graduate levels).

2- Power System Analysis.

3- Microprocessor Applications (Under Graduate & Post  Graduate Levels).

4- Electrical circuit analysis.

5- Electrical measurements.

6- Electrical testing & measurement.

7- Electric and Magnetic fields.

8- Numerical analysis and computer programming.

9- Graduation Projects Supervision (mainly real time realization of numerical,

    microprocessor-based, prototypes for Power systems and machines

    protection, control and measurements, low voltage power line communication  (PLC)).


II-Faculty Member at Faculty of Technological Studies, Kuwait (1987-90, 92, 1995-1998)

  1- Power system protection.

  2- Power system analysis.

  3- Electrical Installation (two levels).

  4- Electrical Machines (three levels).

  5- Control of electrical machines.

  6- Electrical Measurements (two levels).

  7-Computer applications.

  8-Graduation Project Supervision.


III- Teaching and Research Assistant at University of Manitoba, Canada (1981-84)

1- Control system (Lab.).

2- Microprocessor system (Lab.).

3- Electric machines (Lab).

4- Theory of electric circuits (Tutorial).

5- Linear algebra (Tutorial).

6- Introduction to applied math. (Tutorial).


IV- Instructor and assistant Lecturer at Ain-Shams Univ. (75 - 81)

1- Power system analysis.

2- Transmission and distribution of electric power.

3- Numerical analysis and computer programming.

5- Theory of electric circuits.

6- Electrical testing.

7- Electric and Magnetic Fields.


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