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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Electrical Engineering Department

Chair Professor in Power Systems

Dr. Mohamed M. Mansour



Seminars, Workshops and Special Courses Given


) "T  (1) Traveling wave relays", Dept. of Elect. Eng., University of British

         Columbia, Vancouver, B.C, Canada, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 1984. [Seminar].


            (2) "Microprocessor application in power system protection", Dept. of

        Electrical Eng., Ain-Shams Univ., Cairo Egypt, 1985. [Seminar].


   (3) "Microprocessor and Their Industrial Applications", 70 Hours Course

                Given to  Engineers and Technicians, Arabic Institute of Aerodynamic

      Technology, Cairo, Egypt, Sept. 1987.


   (4) "Using Computer for Primary School Education", El-Manar School,

         Cairo,  Egypt, Sept. 1987 [Seminar].


  (5) "Microprocessor Induction Motor Protection", Faculty of Technological

        Studies,  Kuwait, March 1990 [Seminar].


   (6)"Modern Trends in Protection Engineering", Faculty of Eng., Ain-Shams

        Univ.,  Cairo, Egypt, 1993 [Seminar].


   (7) "Relays Function and Selection ", Kuwait, 1994 (One Week Course).


   (8) "Research in Applied Engineering Fields", Kuwait, 1995/96 (Course

         offered for  post graduate  persons nominated for studies in Eng.



   (9) Fuzzy Logic for Control, Kuwait, 1997 [Seminar].


   (10) Out-of-Step, Islanding and Load Shedding, Series of lectures ,

           Ministry  of Electricity, Cairo, Egypt, 1999.


   (11) Electrical Motors, Kuwait, 2001 (One Week Course).


   (12) Digital Protective Relaying, King Fahad Univ, Saudi Arabia, May

           2003.  (One Week Course).


   (13) Fault Diagnosis in Power System Using Expert System, Rayad,

           Saudi Arabia,  2003 (Short Course).


  (14)Advanced Protection Relaying and Testing", Rayad, Saudi Arabia,

           2004 (Short Course).


  (15)"Modern Power System Protection", Jedda, Saudi Arabia, 2005.


  (16) “Relays for distribution”, Jedda, 7-11 March, 2007., El-Madina, Aug.-July



  (17) "Global Positioning System (GPS) Based Synchronized Phasor

        measurements Technology", Cairo, Egypt, Nov. 15th. 2007.


  (18) “Applications of GPS in Power Engineering”, King Fahd University Of 

        Petroleum and Minerals”, Elect. Engineering Dept., Nov. 18th, 2008.


  (19)”Modern Aspects in Power System Protection and Automation”,

         A Professional one Day Workshop, King Fahd University Of 

        Petroleum and Minerals”, Elect. Engineering Dep., January 19th, 2009.





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