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Course Syllabus (Draft)

Word Powerpoints

IntroCE_PP.ppt    IntroOff03_PP.ppt       Lab 1    Lab 2        Lab 3

Course Data Files 

  Week # 1: WD1.82.doc (Web-site Memo) Week # 1: WD1.83, Volunteers needed.doc       Week # 2: Ex .87 contd.    
 Lab 1 Week # 2: WD1.85.doc wd01_Coffee.bmp \wd01_Coffee.WMF Week # 2: Ex 1.87wd01_Conserve Water.doc wd01_Flyer1.doc wd01_Lions.jpg Week # 2: WD1.86.doc wd01_Note Taking Skills.doc wd01_Water hose.bmp  
 Lab 2 Week # 4: WD2.84 wd02_Coffee Flyer.doc wd02_Conservation Tips.doc wd02_Flyer2.doc wd02_New Orleans.doc Week # 3: WD2.77 wd02_Note Taking Tips.doc wd02_Tour Letter.doc Week # 3: WD2.76 wd02_Water Conservation.doc Week # 4&5: WD2.79 wd02_Yoga Flyer.doc
  Week # 6: WD3.85 Week # 6: WD3.86 Week # 6: WD3.87          
 Lab 3 wd03_Backpack.jpg wd03_Digital Camera.doc Lab 3\wd03_Giraffe.jpg wd03_History.bmp wd03_History.wmf wd03_Kayaker.jpg wd03_Kayaking Flyer.doc  
  wd03_Lightweight.jpg wd03_Parrots.gif wd03_Parrots.JPG wd03_PCT.jpg wd03_Tour Research.doc wd03_Tracey.jpg wd03_Triple Crown.doc  
  wd03_Yoga Pose.bmp wd03_Yoga Pose.wmf wd03_Yoga Practice.doc          
Lab 4 pp04_Forest.jpg pp04_Low Impact.doc wd04_Air Travel.doc Lab 4\wd04_Airline.doc wd04_Be an Adventure Traveler.doc wd04_Bikram.doc wd04_Bow Pose.bmp  
  wd04_Cargo.gif wd04_City.jpg wd04_Coffee.doc wd04_Coffee Beans.gif \wd04_Coffee Plant.gif wd04_Costa Rica Adventure.doc wd04_Fitness Club Headline.doc  
  wd04_Forest.jpg wd04_Giraffe.jpg wd04_Headline.doc wd04_Hike Triple Crown.doc wd04_Lifestyle Yoga.doc wd04_Lightweight.doc wd04_Low Impact.doc  
  wd04_Newsletter Articles.doc wd04_Pet Carrier.doc wd04_Tanzania Facts.doc wd04_Trail.jpg wd04_Water.jpg wd04_Water Exercise.doc wd04_Water Headline.doc  
  wd04_Water Tips.doc              
Lab 5 wd05_Logo Elements.doc wd05_Opera.doc            
Lab 6 wd06_Alternatives.gif wd06_Alternatives Form.doc wd06_Animal Angels Form.doc wd06_Anthology Cinema Reviewed.doc wd06_Betty's Birds.doc wd06_Bird Coupon-Mary.doc wd06_Bird Coupon-Noel.doc  
  wd06_Camping Safari.doc wd06_Everest ChangesCarol.doc wd06_Everest ChangesDan.doc wd06_Everest Original.doc wd06_Everest Paragraph.doc wd06_Form.doc wd06_Frequent Flyer.doc  
  wd06_Historical Society.doc wd06_Safari Park.doc wd06_Tea Month.doc wd06_Tour Letter.doc wd06_Video Tower.doc      


Quiz      http://www.chaminade.org/MIS/Tutorials/Quizzes/BasicWordQuiz1.htm

Powerpoint powerpoints

PP_PP01.ppt    PP_PP02.ppt

Powerpoint Project

Project.doc        Choose your country.doc

Powerpoint data files

Lab 1  pp01_AnimalCare.gif pp01_AnimalCareers.doc pp01_Animals.doc pp01_Beans.gif pp01_Biography.emf pp01_Booth.emf pp01_Cover Letter.gif
  pp01_Cuppa.gif pp01_Follow Up.wmf pp01_InternetPolicy.doc pp01_Interview.wmf pp01_Jump.jpg pp01_Logo.gif pp01_Meeting.wmf
  pp01_Memo.doc pp01_Puppy.jpg pp01_Relaxation.gif pp01_Resume.wmf Week # 7 PP1.78: pp01_Resume.ppt pp01_Stream.jpg pp01_Success.gif
  Week # 7 PP1.77: pp01_Triple Crown.ppt pp01_Volunteer1.ppt          
text Week # 8 PP1.79: text,p1,79,Introducing Massage Therapy.doc text,p1,82,Coffee Talk.doc text,p1,85,Making a Job Fair Work For You.doc extra,cliparts\New Picture 1.png extra,cliparts\New Picture 2.png extra,cliparts\New Picture 3.png extra,cliparts\New Picture 4.png
  Massage Therapy.ppt            
  Week # 9 PP1.82: Week # 10 PP1.85:          
Lab 2 pp02_Arizona.gif Week # 11 PP2.84: pp02_ASU Presentation.ppt pp02_Fine Arts.jpg pp02_Globe.wmf pp02_Library.jpg pp02_Question Mark.wmf pp02_Read.wmf
  pp02_Student Services.jpg pp02_Volunteer2.ppt          
  Week # 12 PP2.86: Week # 13 PP2.87& 2.88: Week # 13 PP2.89: Week # 14 PP2.91:      
Lab 3 pp03_Animal Angels3.ppt pp03_Auto.wmf pp03_Cat.wmf pp03_Dog.wmf pp03_Doggie Travel.ppt pp03_Employee Motivation.ppt pp03_Excercise.ppt
  pp03_Fitness Trends.xls pp03_Futbol.jpg pp03_Hurry.bmp pp03_Jobs.gif pp03_LFC Logo.wmf pp03_Lifeguard.ppt pp03_Motivation.jpg
  pp03_Recruitment.ppt pp03_Success.wmf pp03_Sunrise.jpg pp03_Valley Soccer.ppt pp03_Varsity.JPG    
Lab 4 pp04_Adoptions.gif pp04_Animals for Adoption.doc pp04_Anthology Logo.emf pp04_Anthology Outline.doc pp04_Birds.jpg pp04_Champs Elysees.jpg pp04_Dancing Parrot.gif
  pp04_Dinner.jpg pp04_Doggie.mid pp04_Europe.ppt pp04_Exercise.gif pp04_Film.wav pp04_Fitness Outline.doc pp04_Foundation Introduction.ppt
  pp04_Jake.jpg pp04_Mass Transit.doc pp04_Mountain Bike.jpg pp04_Onestop.mid pp04_Parrot Talk.wav pp04_Popcorn.gif pp04_Promotional Outline.doc
  pp04_Sadie.jpg pp04_Sports Company Outline.doc pp04_Stretching.jpg pp04_Tennis Raquet.jpg pp04_Ticket.jpg pp04_Train.gif pp04_Weight Lifter.jpg

Acknowledgements:    All files from the CD ROM accompanying "Office 2003" by Tim and Linda O'Leary, McGraw Hill Hit Counter