Courses Taught


I am teaching various undergraduate and graduate chemistry courses; these courses include: general chemistry, analytical chemistry , instrumental methods of analysis, electroanalytical chemistry, analytical spectroscopy, separation methods, seminar, senior projects




Coordination of Classes


I coordinated the freshman chemistry lecture course Chem 102 for  the academic years 94/95 and 95/96 (30 sections, more than 900 students,  each semester) and the freshman chemistry course CHEM 101 during the summer term of 2001/2002.


Course Material and Curricula Development


        I chaired  a Departmental Committee that was concerned in  revising the  Chemistry and Industrial  Chemistry undergraduate programs in the academic year 1999/2000


        I participated in selection of experiments and testing their applicability, writing hand outs to

      students, modifying and improving the experimental procedures, and compiling integrated   

      manuals for experiments in General chemistry, Analytical chemistry and instrumental

      chemical analysis.

        I participated actively in the development and revision (in few occasions) of curricula for the undergraduate and graduate analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis courses  and in the general  chemistry courses. I participated in the development of two upper level undergraduate chemistry courses, namely: Environmental analysis and Trace Analysis.

        I coordinated and participated with other colleagues in the establishment of a laboratory portion for a general chemistry course taught to Industrial Management students.



Teaching Honors


My students evaluation for teaching was invariably excellent over the years of my service. I was nominated more than once (the last was in the year 98/99) by the Department for the best teacher award in the College of Sciences.


I have received the distinguished teaching award for the College of Sciences in the academic year 1988/1989.



Supervision of Senior Undergraduate and Graduate Students


        Supervision of  few senior research projects (Chem 411 and Chem 412).

        Thesis advisor for 3  M.S. chemistry students

        Thesis committee member for 7 M.S. chemistry students.

        Thesis committee member for 2 Ph.D chemical engineering students


 CHEM 642-072



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CHEM 101 Presentations-KFUPM - 092 (J. Burdge, Chemistry, McGraw Hill, 2009)


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