University and College Committees

Continuing Education and Educational Services Program Committee (Member) (1996-97).
General Organization & Workshop, Poster/Announcements and Proceedings Committees of the Symposium on “Maintenance Systems & Application of Materials in the Saudi Arabian Environment”, KFUPM/RI, 12-13 November, 1996 (Member).
Lecturers, Graduate Assistants, and Research Assistants Affairs Committee (1998-2000).
Subcommittee to prepare brochures for the centers and the sections in the Research Institute (1998-99).
Traffic Safety Committee (Member) (1999-2000).
Traffic Safety Committee (Member) (2000-01).
Admission Examination (RAM 2) Committee for Riyadh Center (Member) (2003-04).
Library Affairs Committee (Member) (2004-05).
Alterations Committee (Member) (2004-05).
Academic Committee (Member) (2005-06).
Career Day and Open Day Committee (Deputy Chairman) (2005-07).
Career Day and Open Day Committee (Chairman) (2008-2016).
Students Advisory Committee (Member) (2005-06).
Student Procession Subcommittee (Deputy Chairman) (2005-06).