Technical Reports

* W: Writing, PW: Partial Writing, E: Editing, D: Data Acquisition/Analysis.
# Project Number/Report Title Date Role*
1 “Bond of Glass FRP Reinforcement to Concrete - Experimental Results”, Society of the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE), University Park, Pennsylvania April 1995 W
2 “Annotated Bibliography of Bond Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rods in Concrete”, CM95-1 Thornton PW
3 PN 25043, “Inspection of Precast Concrete Corbels and Marble at Al-Waha Mall in Dammam”, (SQ 5475) June 1997 W
4 PN 25057, “Removal of Salt Contamination from Concrete by Electrochemical Process”, (final report) June 1997 PW, E
5 PN 25057, “Effectiveness of Concrete Patch Repairs Using Formed and Non-formed Cementitious Repair Materials”, (final report) September 1999 PW, E
6 PN 25080, “Comparative Study of the Performance of HADEED Quenched Steel Bars with Other Products in the Market”, (progress reports, final report) February 2000 PW
7 “Effect of Rebar Cleanliness on the Effectiveness of Repairs”, (PN25057/SQ5569/TM) May 2000 PW
8 PN 25057, “Corrosion Research: Proprietary Cement-Based Waterproofing Slurries for Use on Concrete Surfaces”, (progress reports, final report) June 2000 W, D
9 PN 25090, “Concrete Durability Study” (progress reports, final report) August 2000 PW
10 PN 20013, “Specification for Silica Fume to Produce Durable Concrete”, (First Progress Report - “Selection of Silica Fume Samples”), (Final Report) December 2000 PW
11 PN 25057, “Corrosion Research: Literature Search on Durability of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Reinforcement Bars for Concrete”, (progress report, final report) December 2001 W, E
12 CER 2227, “Effect of Dust in Aggregates and the Chloride Concentration in Soil on Concrete Durability, (progress reports, final Report) July 2003 PW, E
13 CER 2209, “Task II: Evaluation of Concrete Made with Mineral Admixtures in Existing Structures”, (final report) October 2002 PW, E
14 CER 2209, “Task I: Long Term Durability Investigation of Concrete in the Arabian Gulf Environment”, (progress reports, interim report and final report) July 2003 W, D
15 (CER 4901), Consultancy services in materials - Several reports Continuous W, PW, E
16 (CER 2242), “Durability of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Bars Under Aggressive Local Exposure Conditions”, (final report) Completed, December 2005 W, E