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I had given an assignment to my graduate students of Geop-503-2004 for providing questions together with their answers on each paper of the week which was also a topic of my students.  They made their best to prepare questions and their possible answers.  Then,  I and the presenter of the week provided a review for those questions which were based the selected interesting papers which were selected under the interest of those students in Geop503-204.  What I recognized that my students liked doing questions and provided their possible answers.  Now, under the policy of integrated teaching, you are supposed to classify those questions in different levels of their difficulty as: A) Difficult  B) Medium C) Easy

   Needless to say that your classification under the processed experiment might imply the anomaly changes in the your understanding: 1) Weakness  2) Strength

   In the following class, you will see some examples and provided examples to enhance your understanding and promote level of your understanding from the point of weakness to the point of easiness. Of course, you will check your responds and compare your approach in answering with those made answers before.  Thus, it might show the differences in the levels of between undergraduate and graduate.  Surely, your answers following your graduation might be different regarding the continuous progress of your study on Earth Sciences.    As a second step in review the paper, you are supposed to prepare questions in the different level of hardness similar to what you classified as: A) Difficult  B) Medium C) Easy

   From what I expect to see, you might enhance your power of making questions in different levels of hardness. I hope you like the assignment of Review.  You are welcome for any questions, comments and suggestions on the given assignment to send me via e-mail: oncel@kfupm.edu.sa

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