Week 8

  1. Which are the forces you think can be responsible for driving plates?
    If the north American plate is driven from below then what should happen to the motion of North America?

  2. How would lithospheric thickness effect degree of coupling with mantle?

  3. How can we test the assumption that hold simple shear responsible for lithospheric deformation?

  4. If the plate is driven by side forces or by below then where do you think orogenesis to occur?

  5. Stations in western United States have northeast trending fast directions. What does this fact suggest?

  6. What came first gravity drag-pull, or mantle flow ?

  7.  Will north America really stop?

  8. Why the author used a technique based on angular variations of P-wave delays ?

  9. What the anisotropic layers that the deep Canadian Shield consists of ?

  10. Why North America has slowed dramatically throughout the past 100 m.y.?

  11. Does the orientation of minerals supports the mantle role in plate motion ?

  12. How is that related to the thickness of the lithosphere ?
    How is the dip direction supports the claim ?

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Dr. Ali O. Oncel