Week 6

  1. What do you suggest that implications of more stations to record earthquake data in Saudi Arabia will help in imaging the crustal structures? And What do you think that the crustal model suggested by the author and described in Table2 can be improved as it already shows a lot of velocity variations in the crustal layers ?

  2. When do the Nyquist frequency cause aliasing while digitization? What do you think?

  3. If we consider the assumptions regarding the vertical velocity gradient and lateral velocity variations, the solutions to elastodynamic equation becomes easy or very difficult?

  4. Explain briefly Thomson and Haskell matrix method ?

  5. How was the Arabian Platform divided structurally ?

  6. What are the main results generated by the author's model?

  7. Why do plates move with different velocities?

  8. Donít you think that the results obtained for Arabia is less accurate, and this less reliable than other regions in this study?

  9. Why is the DSF rate higher in comparison with regional GPS studies?

Questions or Comments?
Dr. Ali O. Oncel