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Scope of Course: The course will provide teaching based on selected papers of instructor and students. The papers selected based on interest of either instructor and students reflect a general vision of from global seismology to engineering seismology.  Of course, non-major is welcome if they want to have a perspective on the deeper geophysical aspects of complex Earth and popular geophysical tool which are used to  representation using geophysical tomography of sub-surfaced shallow materials.  Additionally, one of other component through the course is to have students to gain professional skills by presenting work and review the literature.  

Courses Schedule: Sunday and Wednesday, 2.30-3.45 PM, Structural Lab. 250, Bld. 26. Please note that class is also reserved from 10.00-10.50 PM for the same days we could use morning time based on your interest.   

 Courses Reading: The lectures mainly follow the geophysics material covered by four chapters in C.M.R. Fowler’s text book, which is available in KFUPM Library,  ‘The Solid Earth’ CUP, 2005.  Fowler presents a number of beautiful, up-to-date color images of seismic tomography, where you can find that book from our library.  Also, you can find more information from the books of Shearer and Don Anderson:

Office hours:  8.30-9.30 PM
Click on NEW to find out what is new at GEES? First Meeting, Wednesday September 13, 2.00-2.45 PM, Building = 26 ,  Room =250 Structural  Lab

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Weeks 1,2,3
Earth's Deep Interior  

Reading: Fowler Ch 8,  

Lecture1 Lecture2 Lecture3 Lecture4 Lecture5 Lecture6

References Cited  see in below                                 


Date October 11 

Student Presentation Day -1


Weeks 4,5,6,7,8
The Oceanic lithosphere

 Reading: Fowler Ch 9, Sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 ,9.5,9.6,9.7

Lecture7,Lecture8 ,Lecture9 Lecture10 Lecture11 Lecture12 Lecture13

Provided Instructional Technology: 

Provided Instructional Technology:


Teaching Videos and presenting materials are courtesy of Dr. Ron Clowes, Director, LITHOPROBE, Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


Date November 22 
 Student Presentation Day -2


Weeks 9-10
Plate Motions                                                                

Reading: Fowler Chapter 2

Lecture14, Lecture15 Lecture16  Lecture17

Provided Instructional Technology: 


Date December 17 
 Student Presentation Day -2


Weeks 11-12
Introduction to Engineering Seismology

Lecture18, Lecture19,, Lecture20,