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My Research Work

  Research Interests:

     MOS Device Modeling

     Analog Computational Circuits using MOS in Weak Inversion

      Nano-ampere Current Mirrors


Statement on research:



Since joining KFUPM, I am heavily involved in research. My area of interest is low-voltage low-power analog integrated circuits and systems.  In this regard, I have been and still, involved in investigating the development of analog integrated circuits in the following areas:

  1. CMOS Computational Circuits. The goal of this research is to develop new circuits that can perform mathematical operations on analog signals without the need to move the digital domain. More focus is given to circuits design using MOSFET in subthrehold region for biomedical applications where low power and chip area are the key factors in the design.

Obviously this will save power, improve speed though at the price of accuracy.

  1. Programmable Current Mirrors. Current mirrors are very important basic building blocks in many integrated circuits e.g. operational amplifiers, operational transconductance amplifiers and current conveyors.
  2.  Current-mode folding ADC
  3. Neural recording amplifier
  4. Very low frequency filters for ECG
  5. Minimization of error due to second order effects in MOS circuits designed using short channel MOSFETS

 Over the years my efforts in research in the above mentioned areas resulted in publishing 38 articles in reputable refereed journal and refereed proceedings of international conferences. Also I acted as PI and as a CI in more than 9 funded projects and three projects are under process for funding. I have four issued portent from USPTO and six pending patent. I have supervised and act as committee member more than 10 Ph.D. and MSc theses








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