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Issued   patents


1-    Hussain N. Al-Duwaish, Al-Hamouz Z.Wail Mousa,  Munir-A-AL-Absi, Salam A. Zummo “Contamination Monitoring of High Voltage Insulators”  #.US8400504

2-    Farooq Sultan , Salam A. Zummo, Munir-A-AL-Absi, and Mr. Ahmar Shafi” , Custom Design and implementation of wireless sensor node, energy-efficient MAC and routing protocol “  #US85479823

3-  Munir Al-Absi, Shaker Mehmood & M.Taher Abuelma’tti, “A New CMOS Current-Mode Folding Amplifier”  #US8610614

4-    Munir Al-Absi, Alaa Hussein and & M.Taher Abuelma’tti, “ A Low Voltage and Low Power Current-Mode Analog Computational Unit”  #US 8610486

5- Karama. M AL-TAMIMi & Munir A Al-absi, “A CMOS current mode logarithmic function generator circuit” US 8,779,833.

6- Munir A Al-absi  and Karama. M AL-Tamimi, " High Dynamic range exponential current generator with MOSFETs " #US 9176513, Nov 2015.

7. Munir A. Al-Absi and Karama Al-Tamimi   "  CMOS Logarithmic Current generator and Method for Generating a Logarithmic Current,  US#9298952, March 2016.

8. Eyas S.  Al_Suhaibani and Munir A. AL-Absi  A compact CMOS current-mode analog multi-functions circuit, US # 9384371,  2016

9.  Mohannad A. Elhassan, Sagar, Munir Al-Absi and M.Taher Abuelma’atti ” New current mode fast folding amplifier  US 9461593 B1, 2016



Filed patents


  • 11. Zain, Munir and Alaa" LED drive

  • 12. Munir A. Al-Absi and Ibrahim As-sabban  "squaring circuit

  • 13.Munir A. AL-Absi and Ibrahim as-sabban  " four quadrant multiplier

14. Munir A. AL-Absi, Eyas Alsuhaibani and M. Taher Abuelma;atti" C-multiplier"



Submitted Patents

  • Munir A. Al-Absi " Floating C multiplier






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