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Associate Professor



Funded Projects


1.      Co investigator in KACST funded project, Design of an Analog Processor Using CMOS Technology, Completed.

2.      Co investigator in KACST funded project" Design of smart electronic guide for pilgrim" in progress

3.      Co Investigator in KACST funded project on Construction of a New Detector for Ion Chromatography, HPLC, Flow Injection Analysis, and the Volumetric Titrations – Project #    APR-26-72.

4.      Co-Investigator in KACST funded project on Wireless Sensor Networks for monitoring applications: A Prototype Implementation.”

5.      Co-investigator  SABIC funded project "Designing of a Micro-Titrimetric Setup, and Investigating its Application for Titrimetric Reactions, 2009-2010

6.      Principle investigator, Design and implementation of low voltage and low power analog computational unit, NSTP-started 1-11-2010

7.      Principle investigator, Monitoring and control of high voltage insulator failure, Funded by KACST. started 1-10-2011.  

8.      Principle investigator, design and simulation of folding a current mode folding ADC, Funded by KACST, Started 1-9-2012

9.      Principle investigator, LED drives  for lightening applications   ,KACST, Approved  Dec 2013

10. Principle investigator ,Very low frequency filters : DSR, Sep 2014,  

11. CI- Online course EE455  "DAD" 






Current Research Topic


   Analog  circuits for biomedical applications using MOS in weak inversion
   Impedance multiplier for integrated circuit applications

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