Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes is the name of a software package that allows you to create interactive web pages. Click on the link to find out more about the software.


Click on these links for sample exercises I have created for use at KFUPM..

Reading - The Moonrakers

Vocabulary - 002 University Orientation part 4 until Monitor

Writing - 001 Unit 4 Submarines

Writing - 002 Unit 2 A Bicycle

Writing - 002 Unit 2 A Vise

Student Autonomy

One area I think students need to develop is the ability to self-evaluate. Below is a questionnaire I created to encourage this process. The questionnaire asks the student to consider what they do to learn English outside of the classroom.

Self-Study Questionnaire

The next document guides students on the old 002 Grammar course to further study.

002 Grammar-Self Study Guidance

KFUPM Courses

Old 001 English Pre September 2005

Old 002 English Pre September 2005

New 001 English September 2005 Skills in English Books 1& 2

New 002 English September 2005 Skills in English Books 2 & 3

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