A Vise

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   a      a      A      A      an      and      As      attached      be      between      British      causes      connects      following      four      from      in      is      is      jaws      jaws      jaws      keeps      metal      object      One      operates      place      spelt      spiral      spiral      spiral      that      The      the      the      they      to      to      to      turned      turned      turned      turns      typicalyt      which      worked   

A vise a tool holds things place so can be on. It composed of main parts: handle, jaws, spiral thread a base. handle is to the thread which the jaws. of the is attached the base is fixed a surface. vise is made of .

The vise in the way. When handle is anti-clockwise, the thread is and the move apart. a result, object can placed in them. When handle is clockwise, the thread also and the close. This the jaws hold the firmly in . The base the vise moving.

Note: vise is vice in English.