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1)   Detection of drag reducing agents in concentrated Gasoline and Diesel (Nov 2004 - Open) (SR 120,000.00 for first batch)

      E. Hegazi and H. Masoudi

      Project # PHYS 2251 (Saudi Aramco) (In progress)


2) Detection of DRA in jet fuels (July 2004-Open) (SR 45,000.00 for first batch)

    E. Hegazi

    Project # QCAPS1591 (Saudi Aramco) (In progress)


3) Laser-based fingerprinting of crude oils (July 2003-Dec 2005)

(SAR 1,100,000.00)

E. Hegazi, Project manager/Principal Investigator, H. Masoudi, A. Jaber, M. Dastageer, and I. Bakhtiari

Project # CAPS2227 (Saudi Aramco) (In progress)


4) Spectral characterization of crude oils using TRF techniques (Apr 2002- June 2003) (SAR 69,000)

E. Hegazi, Project manager/Principal Investigator, H. Masoudi, and A. Jaber

            Fast Track Project # 2001/12 (SABIC) (Completed)


5) Fingerprinting of crude petroleum using TRF fluorescence spectra excited by 355 & 225 nm (Oct 2002- Dec 2003) (SAR 119,000)

E. Hegazi, Project manager/Principal Investigator

Project # CAPS1221 (RI) (Completed)


6) Spectroscopic investigation on SO2 as major pollutant (1992-1998)

E. Hegazi. Principal Investigator

RI internal activities (completed)