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Dr.Muhammad Ali AL-Marhoun

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)


Building 3 Room 210

Phone # + 966 3 860 2536

Fax # + 966 3 860 4447

Mail Address

P. O. Box 198 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Dhahran 31261 Saudi Arabia






Research Interests:

  1. Properties of Reservoir Fluids
  2. Numerical Methods in Engineering Computation
  3. Drilling Fluids
  4. Reservoir Engineering.

Research Projects:

Funded research projects:

1. "Testing of Thermal Stability and Corrosivity of Drilling Fluids," KACST Project AR/4/63, Principal Investigator, 30 months project, Budget: SR 949,213 (Completed).

2. "PVT Correlation Charts for Saudi Oil Fields," KACST Project AR/4/64, Principal Investigator, 24 months project, Budget: SR 395,200 (Completed).

3. "Impact of Crude Oil Production on Petrochemical Industry using Linear Programming," KACST Project AR/7/125, Co-investigator, 24 months project, Budget: SR 240, 600 (Completed).

4. "Efficient Production Strategies for Oil Reservoirs with Tarmat - An Experimental and Theoretical Study," KACST Project AR/7/152, Co-investigator, 30 months project, Budget: SR 614,000 (Completed).

5. "Hanifa Reservoir Study - Abqaiq Field," Research Institute (Div. I) project conducted for the Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Co-investigator (Completed).

6. "Geostatistical Evaluation of Metal Reserves of the Atlantis-II-Deep, Red Sea," Research Institute (Div. IV) project No.24008 conducted for the Saudi-Sudanese Red Sea Commission, Jeddah, Co-investigator (Completed)

7. "Use of Material Balance Equations and Decline Curves for Data Analysis from Saudi Arabian Reservoirs," Research Institute (Div. I) project conducted for the Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Co-investigator (Completed).

8. "A study of Tar Properties and Methods of Improving Injectivity in Tar Mats," Research Institute (Div. I) Project No. 21061 conducted for Saudi Aramco, Task Leader for physical characterization of Tar (Completed).

9. "Rock Compressibility and Formation Strength Indices in Sandstone Reservoirs," Research Institute (Div. I) Project No.21111 conducted for Saudi Aramco, Task Leader for Wellbore Sand Production Test System (Completed).

10. "In-situ Sand Consolidation by Low Temperature Oxidation," Research Institute (Div. I) Project No. 21153 conducted for Saudi Aramco, Member (Completed).

11. "Horizontal Well Performance in Reservoirs with Gas Cap and Bottom/Edge Water Derives: Scaled Physical Model Study," Research Institute (Div. I) Project No. 21143 conducted for Saudi Aramco (Completed).

12. "Development of Artificial Neural Network Models for Reservoir Fluid Properties" Research Institute Project No. CPM2255 conducted for Saudi Aramco, Principal Investigator, 15 months project.

M.S. Theses Supervision:

1. Hadi S. Ali, "The Effect of Overburden Pressure on Relative Permeability,î December 1985.

2. Sameer A. Khan, "Viscosity Correlations for Saudi Crude Oils," December 1985.

3. Fareed I. Siddiqi, "Development of Drainage Area Shape Factor Equations as a Function of Drainage Area Geometry and Well Locations," November 1986.

4. Zaki A. Al-Ali, "Improving Oil Recovery for Tarmat Reservoirs by Localized Communication," January 1988.

5. Abdul Rahman S. Al-Jarri, "Oil Compressibility Correlations," June 1990.

6. Mohamed Shahjahan Ali, "The Effect of High Temperature and Aging on Water-Base Drilling Fluids," June 1990.

7. Asaad I. Al-Towailib, "A New Correlation for Two Phase Flow through Chokes,î July 1992.

8. Hassan S. Al-Towailib, "Comparative Study of Computational Methods of the Solution of the Two-Dimensional Reservoir Equations," December 1992.

9. Saud Mohammed Al-Fattah, "Development of Empirical Equations for Predicting Water-oil Relative Permeability of Middle East Reservoir Rocks", December 1994.

10. Olawale Surajudeen Shokoya, "Corrosivity of Water-base Muds in Deep, Hot, Sour Wells", December 1994.

11. Mohammed Najim Al-Khamis, "Evaluation of Empirical Correlations for Natural Gas Compressibility Factors", March 1995.

12. Mohammed Aamir Mahmood, ìEvaluation of Empirically Derived PVT Properties for Oilfield Brines,î July 1996.

13. M. M. Dallag, "Reservoir Fluid Properties of Yemeni Crude Oils,î July 1997.

14. A.A. Humoud, ìDewpoint Correlations,î January 2001.

15. Adnan Al-Mousa, "Compressibility Factor of Sour Natural Gases," June 2001.

16. Adeeyo Yisa Ademola, ''Evaluation of Empirically Derived PVT Properties for Nigerian Crude Oils," January 2005.

17. Mohammad Khamis, ìPVT Data Quality Control", June 2008.

18. Talal Saeed Al-Mousa, "Pressure Gradient as a Diagnostic Technique in Producing Wells", June 2008.

19. Ahmed Z. Al-Ali, "Neural Network: LWD Porosity Prediction for Well Placement", June 2009.

20. Muhammad A. Al-Khalifa, "Two Phase Flow through Chokes", June 2009.

21. Zeyad A. Al-Duhilan, "Influential Miscibility Parameters of Miscible CO2-Crude System", June 2009.

22.Kadhim Al-Naser, "Estimation of Gas Viscosity", February 2010.

23. Hussain Al-Khalifa, “Full Field Production Injection Optimization Applying Sequential Quadratic Programming ", May 2010.

24. Mohammad A Al-Dhamen, "Dew point pressure for gas condensate using ANN", December 2010.

25. Saeed M. Al-Mubarak, "Realtime Reservoir Management", December 2010.

26. Ahmad Tariq Al-Shammari, "Prediction of Pressure Drop for Two-Phase Flow in Vertical Pipes using Artificial Intelligence", December 2011.

27. Ali Al-Julaih, "Optimization Of The Vertical Placement Of Horizontal Wells In A Mature Carbonate Reservoir In The Middle East", in progress.


Ph. D. Dissertation Committee Membership:

1. El-Sayed Ahmed Osman, "Effect of Low Temperature Oxidation Parameters on Sand Consolidation," December 1994 KFUPM.

2. Taha Mustafa Ukashah, "An Experimental Study of Oil Recovery from Tarmat Reservoirs using Hot Water and Solvent Flooding," February 1995, KFUPM

Development of Computer Software:

1. Two-Dimensional Three-Phase Petroleum Reservoir Simulator: Part of Ph.D. Dissertation.

2. Linear Programming Model of Oil and Gas Production and Distribution in Saudi Arabia: Part of KACST Project AR/7/125.

3. A new state of the art auto PVT software package, 2009



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