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Dr.Muhammad Ali AL-Marhoun

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)


Building 3 Room 210

Phone # + 966 3 860 2536

Fax # + 966 3 860 4447

Mail Address

P. O. Box 198 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Dhahran 31261 Saudi Arabia



Courses Taught

Course #

Course Title

PETE-201 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
PETE-202 Rock & Fluid Properties
PETE-205 Petroleum Fluid Properties
PETE-206 Drilling Engineering laboratory
PETE-221 Reservoir Rock Properties
PETE-301 Fluid Flow through Porous Media
PETE-301 Reservoir Engineering
PETE-303 Petroleum Production Engineering
PETE-304 Reservoir Description
PETE-309 Drilling Fluids
PETE-341 Reservoir Fluid Properties
PETE-342 Oil Reservoir Engineering
PETE-343 Petroleum Statistical Analysis
PETE-401 Well Testing
PETE-403 Reservoir Engineering I
PETE-406 Fluid Measurements Laboratory
PETE-408 Petroleum Engineering Seminar
PETE-410 Petroleum Evaluation
PETE-413 Reservoir Engineering II
PETE-423 Transient Test Analysis
PETE-445 Gas Reservoir Engineering
PETE-511 Advanced Drilling Fluid Technology
PETE-540 Advanced Reservoir Engineering
PETE-544 Natural Gas Engineering
PETE-560 Mathematical Methods in Petroleum Engineering
PETE-599 Graduate Seminar
PETE-610 M. S. Thesis
MATH-241 Analytical & Numerical Linear Algebra laboratory
MATH-242 Applied Statistics
ENGR -3723 Numerical Methods in Engineering Computation (at U. of Oklahoma) 


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