There are some clothes restrictions in some basketball competitions, such as your shirt colour, but generally there is very little you need.
Comfortable, supportive trainers are vital as your feet and in particular your ankles take a pounding.
Here's our quick guide to what you need.
The rigid rectangular board behind the rim.

The basket ball is an inflated sphere with an outer covering. It is 75 to 78cm in circumference and weighs 600 to 650 grams. It must be made of leather in official FIBA competition.

The goal, made up of a horizontal and circular metal rim with a net hanging from it.. It is mounted 3.05 m above floor level.

High-topped shoes.

Shot clock
The clock that counts down the maximum 24 seconds the offence is allowed to possess the ball before shooting.

Playing surface made of wooden parquet. Dimensions: 28m x 15 m

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