Basketball is a fast, free-flowing, high-scoring invasion game. The rules are such that all players may occupy any position within the field of play, and have an equal opportunity to score goals. Its unique method of starting and re-starting after a score or a rule infringement make it a game with few breaks in play, while the fact that players may dribble with the ball provides a team with the opportunity to create advantageous scoring opportunities.
As such Basketball is an ideal game to be taught within the Physical Education curriculum. It can be played by both sexes equally well and the development of Mini Basketball means that players can start to develop the basic skills at a very early age. As an indoor sport, requiring little in the way of space or expensive equipment it can involve maximum participation for little outlay. At the highest levels of the game, physical height is an advantage. However, at school level Basketball presents all students with the opportunity to participate in a vigorous form of exercise, which involves skill, tactical thinking and high level of co-operation and team cohesion.
Providing “common sense” rules are observed, Basketball is a very safe sport, and the basic skills and drills may be practiced with minimum supervision either individually or in small groups.                                   

While it is essential that students are proficient in the basic techniques and skills necessary to play the game, it is vital that all teaching takes place in such a way that links between the skills and the game are reinforced.