Teaching Experience



Dr. Al-Khaldi Has many years of experience in teaching Management Information Systems courses at the under-graduate and graduate levels at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran.  The following is the list of courses taught:


Undergraduate Courses:

MIS 101:          Computer Concepts and Programming

MIS 215          Principles of Management Information Systems

MIS 301:         Systems Analysis and Design I

MIS 401:         Systems Analysis and Design II

MIS 410:         Decision Support Systems

MIS 490:         Information Resources Management

MIS 499:         Topics in MIS


Graduate Courses:

MIS 501:         Fundamentals of Computer Systems

MIS 510:         Information Resources Management

MIS 515:         Systems Development Methodologies

MIS 525:         Management Support Systems

MIS 592:         Independent Research/Reading


In addition to teaching, Dr. Al-Khaldi has extensive experience in curricular development in the area of MIS for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Moreover, he has extensive experience in coop advising and was the coop coordinator for four years during his department chairmanship (1996 1999) and after that during the academic year of 2001/2002.


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