In Refereed Journals:

Al-Khaldi, M. and Wallace, R. (1999). The Influence of Attitude on Personal Computer Utilization Among Knowledge Workers: The Case of Saudi Arabia. Information & Management, 34(4(, pp. 185-204.

Al-Khaldi, M. and Al-Jabri, I., (1998). The Relationship of Attitudes to Computer Utilization: New Evidence from a Developing Nation, Computers in Human Behavior, 14(1), pp. 23-42.

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Publications in Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Al-Khaldi, M. and Al-Jabri, I. (1997). Computer Utlization and Attitude: Empirical Evidence from Saudi Arabia, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction,  August 24-29, San Francisco, CA, USA.

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Technical Reports and Proposals:

          An Integrated Information Technology (IT) Solution for the Saudi Fisheries Co.  (1996/97).


Working Paper:

Expert Systems Versus Conventional programs (1988), Department of Management, Oklahoma State University (With D. Suh).


Research in Progress:       

Service Quality of Information Systems Departments in the Saudi Banking Industry (Funded Research Project), started October 2000.

The Electronic Commerce Service Quality in the GCC Countries: An Empirical Study, Sabbatical Leave Research Proposal, 2001.

Evaluating the Security of Computerized Accounting Information Systems in Saudi Arabian Banks


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