Personal Activities











 Professional Activities

Conference Organization

1. Industrial Management- Japanese Experience Symposium

Organizing Committee, KFUPM , 1990-91, ( Member).

2. Industrial Management- Japanese Experience Symposium

Registration Committee,1990-91, ( Chairman ).

3. Organizing Committee for conference on Administrative

Sciences: New Horizons and Roles in Development, CIM,KFUPM, 1997-98. ( Member ).


1. Best Teacher Award , CIM , KFUPM, 1988-89.

2. Best Academic Advisor, CIM, KFUPM, 1988-89.

3. Best Academic Advisor, CIM, KFUPM, 1989-90.

4. Distinguished Leadership Award, The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Seventh Edition, 1997, USA.

5. International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement, 1997,USA.


Short Course Title : Leadership in Education Offered by : Dr. Allen Tucker

Deanship of Educational Services KFUPM

Time and Location : May 19-23, 1990 KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Short Course Title : Introduction to Windows 95 and the KFUPM Network

Offered by : Inforamation Technology Center (ITC) KFUPM

Time and Location: January 11-15, 1997 KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia





Department and Public Service

5.1 Administrative Positions:

  KFUPM Internal Auditor, April 5, 2008 to 13 March 2010

  Dean of Faculty and Personnel Affairs, KFUPM, August 1998 to August 2004

  Dean of Library Affairs, KFUPM, September 1996 to August 1998

  Chairman, Management and Marketing Department, CIM,KFUPM,1990-1991.

  Chairman, Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program, CIM, KFUPM, 1985-1990.

  CIM Summer Program Coordinator, Summer 1996.

  CIM Summer Program Coordinator, Summer 1986.



5.2 Committee Work:

5.2.1 University Level

A. Promotions

B. Administrative & Academic

5.2.2 College of Industrial Management

5.2.3 Management and Marketing Department

5.3 University and Public Service

  • Been a member of several University-wide committees.