Since joining academia in 2004, I taught many undergraduate courses and a graduate course. The undergraduate courses covered all the levels from freshmen to senior years. These courses deal with design, materials and manufacturing. In addition, I have also developed an undergraduate course, ME-451 Analysis and design of Engineering experiments for the new curriculum of ME department KFUPM.


Undergraduate / Graduate CoursesTaught at KFUPM.


Thermodynamics I (ME 203) Thermodynamics-II (ME-204)
Fluid Mechanics (ME 311)  Heat Transfer (ME 315) 
Solar Energy Conversion (ME 439)  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ME 430) 
Refrigeration (ME 430)  Air Conditioning (ME 431) 
Design and Rating of Heat Exchangers (ME 437)  Advanced Thermodynamics (ME 531) 
Conduction Heat Transfer (ME 534)  Solar Energy Utilization (ME 539) 

Course Development at KFUPM

  • ME 451: Analysis and Design of engineering Experiments (developed and first time offered)
Participation as instructor in Continuing Education Activities

  • Evaluating Heat Exchanger Design and Installation (MEE 210), for Saudi ARAMCO Engineers, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, December 29, 2012 - January 2, 2013

Senior Design Projects (Selected Titles)

I have Supervised the following list of Senior Design Projects

  •  Design & analysis of shearing die used in sheet metal forming
  •  Design for manufacturing of heat sink using advanced material for electronic cooling


Summer Training

I have evaluated two summer training reports (ME399) each year during last four years at KFUPM.

Coop Training Advising

I have advised the following list of students during the 28 weeks of industrial training for Applied Mechanical Engineering students (ME351) and the title of their reports is also given:

  • Maintenance of Gas Turbine Systems in a Power Plant at Saudi Electric Company
  • Operation and maintenance procedure of MED Desalination Plants
  • Maintenance and repairing of gas turbine at GE
  • General Electric equipments and different mechanical systems

Student Academic Advising

Every semester, I have advised approximately 25-30 students in their academic affairs.







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