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Since earning my Ph.D. degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, I have carried out my research both in applied as well as fundamental areas of Energy Systems. My research activities can be summarized in the following sub-areas of Energy Systems: (i) Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems, (ii) Second-Law Analysis of Thermal Systems, (iii) Fouling of Heat Exchangers, (iv) Performance Evaluation of Evaporative Heat Exchangers, and (iv) Fundamental Problems in Conduction Heat Transfer. Almost all of my published work in the Internationally Recognized Research Journals relate to the above five sub-areas.


Research Interest


  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Second-Law Analysis of Thermal Systems
  • Fouling of Heat Exchangers
  • Performance Evaluation of Evaporative Heat Exchangers
  • Fundamental Problems in Conduction Heat Transfer

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