Syed M. Zubair, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia


He has carried out experimental, analytical and computational research in the area of Thermo-Fluid Sciences and Applied Mathematics. During his academic career, he has published over 150 international Journal papers and received 4 US patents. Since joining KFUPM in June 1986, he has participated in 35 M.S. (completed) and 5 Ph.D. theses committee as an advisor or co-advisor or a committee member. In addition, he has worked on many basic and applied research projects, some of them were internally funded by the university, while others were funded by KACST, NSTIP, STC, Saudi Aramco, and other local organizations. His research book entitled "On a Class of Incomplete Gamma Functions" is published by CRC press, U.S.A. in 2002. The online version of the book is also available on CRC website: Some of the readers have rated the book as five stars on the website. The number of citations that one could trace for his research papers and research book has been over 1150 from SCOPUS, plus another 500 from Google Scholar.


He has been actively involved in editorial review processes and conference organizations. He has reviewed papers for the leading International Journals in the area of thermo-fluid sciences such as International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Journal of Heat Transfer Engineering, International Journal of Energy Research, EXERGY – The International Journal, ENERGY - The International Journal, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Numerical Heat Transfer, IMechE - Journal of Power and Energy, IMechE - Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, International Journal of Refrigeration, Applied Thermal Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer, Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering.  He has also reviewed many conference papers and chaired a session in Fouling Mitigation International Conference, Davos, Switzerland. In addition, he has worked as an Editor for a special AJSE issue on Heat and Fluid Flow. He also worked as a Lead Scientist in organizing 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th World Conference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Thermodynamics that was held in Greece, Japan, Poland and Portugal.  Currently he is working as an Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Refrigeration, and International Journal of Exergy


He has been actively involved in a number of Research projects. Most of his research publications that appeared in the past years have been made out of the funded research projects on Fouling of Heat Exchangers, Desalination, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems, and Applied Math Problems relevant to Fundamental Issues in Heat Transfer. He is very active in mentoring Junior Faculty members and Graduate Students.


List of Selected Publications

1. B.A. Qureshi, and S.M. Zubair, “A Comprehensive Design and Rating Study of Evaporative Coolers and Condensers: Part I; Performance Evaluation,” International Journal of Refrigeration Vol. 29(4), pp. 645-658 (2006)


2.   M.H. Sharqawy, and S.M. Zubair, “Efficiency and Optimization of an Annular Fin with Combined Heat and Mass Transfer – An Analytical Solution,” International Journal of Refrigeration> Vol. 30(5), pp. 751-757 (2007)


3.   S.M. Zubair, A.F.M. Arif, and M.H. Sharqawy, Thermal Analysis and Optimization of Orthotropic Pin Fins: A Closed-form Analytical Solution,” Transactions of ASME, Journal of Heat Transfer>, Vol. 132(3), pp. 031301-8 (2010)


4.    M.H. Sharqawy, J.H. Lienhard, and S.M. Zubair, "Thermophysical Properties of Seawater: A Review of Existing Correlations and Data”, Desalination and Water Treatment, Vol. 16, pp. 354-380 (2010)


5.   B.A. Qureshi, and S.M. Zubair, “A Unified Approach to Predict Evaporation Losses in Evaporative Heat Exchangers,“ International Journal of Refrigeration Vol. 34(8), pp. 1866-1876 (2011)


6. G.P Narayan, K.M. Chehayeb, R.K. McGovern, G.P. Thiel, S.M. Zubair, and  J.H. Lienhard V, “Thermodynamic Balancing of the Humidification Dehumidification Desalination System by Mass Extraction and Injection,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 57(2), pp. 756-770 (2013)

Teaching Interest

·         Thermodynamics I (ME 203)

·  Thermodynamics II (ME 204)

·         Fluid Mechanics (ME 311)

·         Heat Transfer (ME 315)

·         Solar Energy Conversion (ME 439)

·         Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ME 430)

·         Refrigeration (ME 430)

·         Air Conditioning (ME 431)

·         Design and Rating of Heat Exchangers (ME 437)

·         Advanced Thermodynamics (ME 531)

·         Conduction Heat Transfer (ME 534)

·         Solar Energy Utilization (ME 539)

·         Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers (ME 549)






Contact Information 
Office Location:Bldg-22 Room-202

Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: +966-3-860 3135

Workshops and conferences

US Patent Issued

M.H. Sharqawy, J.H. Lienhard, P.N. Govindan, and S.M. Zubair, "Separation of a Vaporizable Component Under Reduced Pressure," US Patent # 8,465,006 B2, June 18, 2013


US Patent Issued

P.N. Govindan, G.P. Thiel, R.K. McGovern, J.H. Lienhard, S.K. Das, K.M. Chehayeb, S.M. Zubair, and M.A. Antar, "Thermodynamic Balancing of Combined Heat Mass Exchange Devices," US Patent # 8,496,234, B1, July 30, 2013


Ph.D.'s Thesis Defended


"Various Mathematical Properties of The Generalized Incomplete Gamma Functions with Applications,” Ph.D. Thesis of Mr. Bader Ahmed Al-Humaidi, Department of Mathematical Sciences, KFUPM, May 2011.


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