Summer 2005-043

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College Algebra and Trigonometry II



Date Subject
7/9/2005 Grade sheets updated.
Major quiz on Monday, July 11, Chapter 4.
7/14/2005 Major Quiz 1 published.
7/18/2005 Grade sheets updated.
7/21/2005 Take a look at solution of quizzes for the summer 2004(033) term.
7/26/2005 Grade sheets updated. If your Curved %  Grade is below 55, you should seriously consider dropping the course.
7/26/2005 Sections 5.5 - 5.7 Homework solutions are due on Saturday, July 30.
8/1/2005  Major Exam 1 solution published
 8/7/2005  Old Exam Problems 
Try to solve as many problems as you can before we meet tonight at 8:00PM in room 201 Building 5.

Solutions and more problems have been added. Good luck.

   8/8/2005 Grades updated. 
   8/17/2005  Solution of old exam problems updated. Go to:  ex-Exam page.


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