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   Dr. Jawad Abuihlail

   Department of Mathematics and Statistics

   Box # 5046, KFUPM

   31261 Dhahran (Saudi Arabia)

  E-mail: abuhlail@kfupm.edu.sa

  Phone:  +966-3-860-4737

  Fax:      +966-3-860-2340

  Office:   KFUPM, Building 5, Room 507

Dr. Jawad Younes Abuhlail

د. جواد يونس عبدالله أبو هليل

(Associate Professor of Algebra)

Associate Managing Editor of AJSE-Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Portal)



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Abstract Algebra (Math 551)

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 [Companion & Errata]

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Galois Theory (Math-552)

  Syllabus   Exam(1)  Exam(2)

Homological Algebra (Math-553)

Syllabus  Exam(1)   Exam(2)

Advanced Topics in Algebra (Math-654)

(Tilting & Cotilting Modules over Commutative Rings)

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Advanced Topics in Commutative Algebra (Math-695)

(Modules over Non-Noetherian Rings)

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