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Technical Reports


  • Developing a bilingual online course for Teaching Online with Blackboard CE: A four-week online course to explore the learning potential of the online environment with Blackboard as our online platform. A one year project with 3 team members supported by Deanship of Academic Development (DAD) of KFUPM.

  • Automatic Arabic Optical Text Recognition (AOTR). The project is supported by Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) of KFUPM.

  • AAFAQ - A Future Plan for University Education in the Kingdom. Member of the data and information team. Aafaq 2-years project has more than 50 members. The project is supported by Ministry of Higher Education.

  • Analysis and Design of Buried Pipelines: A 2 years project for Saudi Aramco. The team of the project consists of 5 members.

  • Arabic Speech Recognition: A 3 years project supported by KACST.

  • KACST Arabic Text-to-speech System. A 3 years completed project. The source code is available.

  • Automatic Arabic Text Diacritizer , Alghamdi, Mansour, Muhammad Khursheed, Mustafa Elshafei; Fayz Alhargan, Muhammed Alkanhal, Abu Aus Alshamsan, Saad Alqahtani, Syed Zeeshan Muzaffar, Yasser Altowim, Adnan Yusuf and Husni Al-Muhtaseb, KACST.
  • Arabic Text Diacritization, Husni Al-Muhtaseb, Muhammad Alloosh and Ziad Hamoodah, 2004.
  • Standardization Of Arabized Applications At Saudi Telecommunications Company  (STC). A one year single member completed project. The project was to suggests general guidelines and standards to be follow when building Arabic computerized systems. Five main issues were addressed. These issues are: Using Unicode as a standard, System localization, Arabic System interfaces, Arabic technical terms and a bilingual dictionary, and Transliteration of Arabic Names.

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