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Technical Reports


  • Jawad H AlKhateeb, Jinchang Ren, Jianmin Jiang, Husni Al-Muhtaseb, "Offline handwritten Arabic cursive text recognition using Hidden Markov Models and re-ranking", Pattern Recognition Letters 32 (2011) 1081–1088.

  • Husni A. Al-Muhtaseb, Sabri A. Mahmoud, Rami S. Qahwaji, "A  Novel Minimal Script for Arabic Text Recognition Databases and Benchmarks", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of CIRCUITS, SYSTEMS and SIGNAL PROCESSING, Issue 3, Volume 3, 2009.

  • Alghamdi, Mansour, Moustafa Elshafei and Husni Almuhtaseb, "Arabic Broadcast News Transcription System". International Journal of Speech Technology, Volume 10, Number 4 / December, 2007, Published April 2009.

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  • Husni A. Al-Muhtaseb, Sabri A. Mahmoud, and Rami S. Qahwaji, “Recognition of Off-line printed Arabic text Using Hidden Markov Models”, Signal Processing, Volume 88, Issue 12, December 2008, pp. 2902-2912.

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  • Mustafa Aref and Husni Al-Muhtaseb, "Khabeer: An Arabic Object Oriented Production System and Query Language", Processing Arabic, Report 8, Nijmegen, Holland, pp77-105,1995.

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