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    Conference Attendance & Technical Visits

    2006               WIPRO, Bangalore

    2006               TCS, Bombay

    2006               WITS University. Johannesburg, South Africa

    2005               Universities LAU & AUB in Lebanon

    2005               Gulf Information Technology Conference (GITEX), Dubai

    2005               17th CCCG Conference 2005, University of Windsor, Windsor

    2005               12th Canadian Semiconductor Conference & Exhibit, August 2005, Ottowa,

    2004               ENSA@WORK 2004 Conference,  Munich, Germany

    2003               HP 'Catch the Wave' Conference, Fujeirah, UAE

    2002               Saudi National Computer Conference, Dhahran

    2002               Sixth Saudi Engineering Conference, Dhahran

    2002               Gulf Information Technology Conference (GITEX), Dubai

    2001               Visual Connections Conference, Orlando, USA

    2001               Comdex Exhibition and Conference, Jeddah

    1999               Gulf Information Technology Conference (GITEX), Dubai

    1999               Saudi National Computer Conference, Makkah

    1997               Gulf Information Technology Conference (GITEX), Dubai

    1995               Saudi National Computer Conference, Riyadh

    1989               Saudi National Computer Conference, Dhahran


    Research Publications

    J. Yazdani, M. Masud and Sadiq M. Sait. `PCB Layout Generation from RTL Specifications', International Journal of Electronics, 1992, Vol 72, No.1, pp 1-10. 

    Dr. Hamad I. Al-Abdul Wahhab, Dr. Rezqallah H. Ramadhan, Dr. Ibrahim M. Asi, Mr. Jaweed Yazdani, “Development of Pavement Management System for Municipality Roads in Saudi Arabia ”, Transportation Research Board (TRB) 2002 Catalog of Practical Papers

    Maghrabi, T., Najjar, M. and Yazdani, J., Building an Intranet: The KFUPM Experience,  Proceedings of The 5th Saudi Enginnering Conference, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 15-17 March 1999, Vol. 2, pp. 305-314.

    M. Masud, J. Yazdani, and Sadiq M. Sait. `Automatic Generation of PCB Layouts from Register Transfer Level Specifications'  1989 International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, China.

    M. Masud, J. Yazdani, and Sadiq M. Sait. `PCB Layouts from RTL Descriptions: An Automated Approach'.  National Computer Conference and Exhibition, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, March 1989, pp 2-13.


    Book Publication and Online Course Development

    Introduction to Computer Programming using FORTRAN 77, KFUPM Press, Second Edition, 1995 Coordinator,  Contributing Editor and Author, Introduction to Computer Programming using FORTRAN 77, First Edition (1992) and Second Edition (1995), KFUPM Press.


    Database Systems Course (ICS334) - Online Course content development - 2003

    A team of ICS faculty developed online content for ICS334 Database Systems based on the book Fundamentals of Databases by Masri and Navathe. Developed 8 online lectures of 50 minutes each covering Structured Query Language (SQL) and Query Processing out of a total of 38 lectures for the entire course.