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Software Project Team Leader/Participant 

1999       Dammam Municipality Pavement Management System

                Scope of Duties: Complete System Analysis, Design and Implementation 

The software requirements specifications were prepared with a high-level description of the system that included the following tasks: 

1.       Design and develop the pavement management computer database

2.       Provide pavement management system parameters and data collection options such as survey planning, maintenance and repair costs, field equipment availability, maintenance priority etc.

3.       Provide editing, browsing and search facility at the section-level

4.       Develop pavement management analysis software using algorithms based on pavement treatment and management theories.

5.       Develop utilities that support pre-analysis checks, based on acceptable ranges, on collected data 

6.       Provide standard report generation facilities for all types of pavement analysis

7.       Provide standard database management features such as backup, compaction, user profiles, security levels, and archiving

8.       Develop online and context-based system help modules and manuals 

Pavement Theory support was provided by three senior faculty members from Civil Engineering Department at KFUPM. 

2003     Geographical Information System (GIS) and Web Enhancements to the Dammam
               Municipality Pavement Management System 

Scope of Duties: Project Leader including design and implementation of the GIS and Web based Pavement Management System using Oracle Enterprise Database Version 9.0.3, Oracle Application Server 9.0.3, Apache Tomcat Web Server, Oracle Infrastructure Server with Single Sign-on facility and ArcView GIS Client software.   

2001        KFUPM Computerized Item Banking System

 Project Leader with responsibility for database schema design and SQL Server 2000 server-side application development,

 An advanced generic item banking system that provides for

·          Creation and review of items (questions)

·          Creation and review of exams

·          Production of exam versions

·          Bilingual support for Arabic/English items and exams

System designed for KFUPM TEC (Testing and Evaluation Center). The Center was established to perform the following tasks:

·          Establish a proper testing program and further define its aims and role, based on evolving needs at the University;

·          Examine existing proficiency exams, with particular reference to Entrance Examinations, and introduce new test construction techniques, based on sound statistical and research practice, with improved reliability, validity and economy;

·          Examine all current evaluation practices in various departments at the university, including both objective and subjective approaches, and make recommendations for improved reliability and validity;

·          Make the Center available to all departments and faculty members for consultation on test construction techniques, and methodology for improving item writing, and test reliability and validity, without jeopardy to other equally significant features of good testing, such as content and construct validity;

·          Organize workshops and seminars on test construction techniques, for the benefit of KFUPM community, and other institutions in the region as well;

·          Coordinate work with Information Technology Center (ITC) and the Deanship of Admissions & Registration on methods of test analysis and scoring;

·          Build placement tests for incoming college students, to be used by community colleges, 4-year colleges, and technical schools. The focus is to produce information for fast and accurate determination of whether a candidate has the skills to take freshman courses, or would rather benefit most from further developmental work. 

2000     Prediction of Sanding Tendency for Pre-Khuff  Gas Wells 

Prediction of Sanding Tendency for Pre-Khuff Gas Wells, Project No. CPM 2204 at KFUPM Research Institute from April 2000 to January 2001;   Provided entity relationship modeling and database design consultation for the overall database schema. 

1999    Design of ER Model of a database for Isotope Decay Experiments 

KACST Project under Dr. Aksoy et..al.,; Design of ER Model of a database for Isotope Decay Experiments from June 19, 1999 to July 3, 1999. Participated as a team member and worked on entity relationship modeling and database design