Dr. Mohammed Aly Ramady

FCIB, PhD. Economics, Associate Professor

Courses Teaching at KFUPM



-  Econ 501 MBA International Finance and Economics

- Econ 561 Executive MBA International Economics

- Econ 306 Saudi Arabian and GCC Economy

- Econ 305 Money and Banking

- Econ 401 Managerial Economics

- Econ 415 Management of Financial Institutions



E-mail: ramadyma@kfupm.edu.sa

Published Books:

1. The Saudi Arabian Economy: Policies, Achievements and Challenges.” Springer International. New York. 2010 (Second Edition)" Go to Book Page

Rebuttal of Dr. Usamah Uthman's Review in Global Finance Journal

[Download PDF]

2. "The GCC Econimies: Stepping up to Future Challenges" Springer 2012 Go to Book Page